The Dual Side of the Morning Star | STAR
The Dual Side of the Morning Star | STAR
The Dual Side of the Morning Star | STAR
The Dual Side of the Morning Star | STAR

The Dual Side of the Morning Star | STAR

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Before it was called the Illuminati, in the earlier stages of its establishment, it answered to a different name; the Enlightened. However, it was only called this for about six months before the name was traded out for what is undoubtedly one of the most recognized society titles in history.


The official establishment date of the Illuminati is the 1st of May, 1776 but exactly six months earlier, there was the Enlightened - the first image and or idea of it. It was a small group of idealist occultists, which were not unlike the same people who are a part of the Illuminati today. Of course, there are some differences. Their vision was relatively simple and in stark contrast to their ideas, goals and general purposes today. Their thoughts revolved around the concept of the occult being a general study; a concept of casual living under the circulation of magic. In other words, a fantasy world. However, back then, they didn't believe it to be fantasy at all; it was very possible and it would be extraordinary once they succeeded. That being said, there is something that has always been the same for this society. They have always desired global influence. It's only become more and more prominent over the years but, one way or another, it has always existed.


Anyway, during this very first month of undocumented activity, there was a large amount of preparation that went into the formation of the society. They didn't want any part of it to be obvious - they wanted a system that could work around the concept remaining hidden while remaining largely influential and successful in their goals. During this time, there was no recruiting. There was only a handful of trusted bodies that were exposed to the concepts of the future.


Adam Weishaupt was indeed the original founder and he continued on as the official founder when the official date of establishment was created. They thought of everything during the first six months, including the direction of the secret society as a whole. The entirety of the direction of this group was designed by only a handful - about five or six - people, all of which were never documented in the history of the society. Not officially, anyway. However, there was a book created - the Second Book of Truths - that was written by Adam Weishaupt's closest friend among the individuals that had helped him construct and push the Illuminati into existence. It not only documented the first six months in all of it's glory but also came with a complete list of names, rituals and other records. It even tracked multiple alliances with other societies established for the sole purpose of kick starting the Illuminati's ability to exist and function. They got involved with multiple groups, some you may recognize and some you may not.


There was the Freemasons, The Knights Templar, the Golden Escutcheon, the Sacred Moral and the Movement - just to name of few. These other societies bought into the idea of the Illuminati and funded their growth for a period of time, most drastically during those first unofficial six months. When the Enlightened became known as the Order of the Illuminati, they were more or less risen into that position by the other societies. The reason being that they showed an immense and effective amount of growth in the short time that they had been formed. They managed to completely outclass the Movement, eventually putting them in the shadows and abolishing their relevance completely. This happened multiple times, the result of which being why you probably have never heard of the Sacred Moral or the Golden Escutcheon. The Illuminati became a force to be reckoned with and they did it carefully, creeping up on the competition. Every time they took a society and pushed them out of the ranks, the Illuminati ascended and gained recognition. By just fifty years of establishment, the Order had done more than the Golden Escutcheon, the Sacred Moral and the Movement combined. The Freemasons and Knights Templar, at least for a period of time, became very close allies.


The formation of the Skull and Bones and the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn happened completely under the authority of the Illuminati. They approved and influenced their creation, more so the Skull and Bones Club than the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn but both were born from the removal of the the Golden Escutcheon, the Sacred Moral and the Movement. It was largely consistent of the same members but with different goals and a different voice to answer to.


In 1900, the Illuminati revealed a grimoire. It is unknown when it was formed or who the original author is, whether or not there was only one and when or exactly why it was written but it largely influenced what would later become the five most elite secret societies in the world: Ordo Templi Orientis, The Knights Templar, Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, the Skull and Bones Club and the fifth was a group that had not yet come into creation but would be established in 1954 - the Bilderberg Group, which was the only one on the list that had not been planned but rather prophecy. This prophecy, also documented in the book, would bring the birth of a human with Godlike power born from the flesh and bones of an ordinary occultist. The vision was obscure - there are detailed depictions of it in the grimoire - but it showed disorder among four houses, which the four societies, especially the Illuminati, knew to be representative of themselves. Prophecy foretold of the unification of all four, the coming of the fifth - the Bilderberg group - and then a world that thrived under them all. However, there would be one that stood above the rest, one with power that could not be rivaled and he would rule them all. He would become the new religion. It was not originally Lucifer.


So the four societies ensured that the Bilderberg Group were naturally formed... but naturally is a cheap word. There was heavy influence and pushing for the rich to gain power and magic through rituals and sacrifice. The group was designed to feed first and foremost off of greed. It remains that way to this day. As the prophecy had said, when the group came into formation, a new vision came to pass and that is also depicted in this book. It was more the idea of claiming the power that was now available. So the Illuminati stepped up and influenced the four groups, conducting rituals through them. They manipulated and carefully established themselves into dominance so that when the opportunity arose, the power was bestowed upon them. It was bestowed in the form of a large mass that produced power identical to that of a God and it was powerful enough to influence multiple people.


This piece embodies that power. It is the only one that embodies this form of power and it is unknown exactly how this piece was successfully constructed to hold so much energy and magic. However, as per the Illuminati Grimoire, the power was soaked into the piece from the blood of several masters of ascendancy. We believe that this item was created in an attempt to raise one person to power. We are not sure if they have succeeded through other means yet but we do know that it is prophecized to happen very soon if it already has not. There will be, in a very short period of time, a shift in power that will ultimately cause a global reaction. Even more interesting to consider, this piece is included in these visions.


From this piece, you will become first and foremost entrusted with extreme power and magical capability. Your spiritual resilience, the part of that you that is dependent on your magical capability, will become transcended and durable. You will become physically and mentally capable to gain as much and to use as much power, magic and or energy that you desire without becoming weakened. Additionally, you will gain full control over your psyche and it will make your psychic ability so powerful that, passively, you will become connected with every mind in existence. Access is never a question with this item. You can see into minds, manipulate or instill thoughts and even influence the actions of others. This item exhibits dual qualities, which means that it can also be used for dark intentions. It is also constantly evolving and pulling power from an unknown source, which strengthens both its durability and strength as well as your own power over time. This item does not seem to have a limit and it is every bit of what the prophecy promised. There will likely never be one like this, especially not one of power.

Inside of this piece, is the real drop of blood from Lucifer from when he stood in front of one of their rituals in physical form. He gave blood to them so they could perform evil tasks upon the Earth as they saw fit or to anyone they saw fit. The locket that this is in is for a man but a woman can use it. This does both pure white light represented by the front of the locket, which shows him as the morning star. We do not know if the stone is a real diamond or not but it represents him as the morning star and pure white light. This locket has two sides, allowing you to use it for either dark or light - which ever one you want. We will tell you how to use it for pure white light if that is what you want, for which you need to add a drop of your own blood in the other side of the locket.


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