The Dunkeld Code

The Dunkeld Code

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Part of Today I will be offering all costume pieces. These ones have been done differently, because we have created an energy to put into them that will allow the powers that we have put into them to be placed into a different piece, using a charging box. We did this for two reasons-- 1.) If you don't feel like wearing costume and you'd rather have this power in sterling or gold, you can create it. 2.) To make them more affordable. Remember, the 2018 Christmas sale ends in 6 days-- use code "xmas18" at checkout for 50% off this item until 01/01/19.

We did not personally go on an investigation to get this piece. Rather, we had a connection that went on this investigation on our behalf. Look, it takes a lot of time and effort to travel outside of the country, so sometimes we get people that we trust to go on investigation for us. This is one of those times.

This piece holds energies and powers that were mined and extracted from the Dunkeld Cathedral in a tomb that dates back to the early 1400s. It was an inscription that was carved into the tomb of the Bishop Cardeny of Dunkeld. It was found with the carvings of saints and other religious carvings. Among these carvings was a script that was carved. Within the script is hidden a secret code. This code is a code for ascendance. Not only is this code the magic that allowed the dead to ascend into the realm of Heaven, but it worked for the living as well.

This code is called the Code fo Ascdence and can be used for the souls of the dead or the presence of a living soul. It is the ability to enter the realms of Heaven to receive the white light blessings of interment from God. This will allow you to enter the realm of Heaven in your astral form and to obtain the white light knowledge of God and the way he rules the universe.

The knowledge you gain will birth an ability deep within your soul that will allow you to collect the white light energies that are permeated into the environment from across the universe and use them to create your own powers and abilities. The ability to create the powers and abilities will be buried innately within your mind with the white light magic of God that was given to you!

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