The Eight Immortal Transcendents,Not One To Pass Up!
The Eight Immortal Transcendents,Not One To Pass Up!
The Eight Immortal Transcendents,Not One To Pass Up!
The Eight Immortal Transcendents,Not One To Pass Up!

The Eight Immortal Transcendents,Not One To Pass Up!

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This can be used by a man or woman.

The Eight Immortal Transcendents are easily one of the most powerful groups in existence. The eight exist across realms but they all originate from the same place - Earth. They came to be just two generations after Adam and Eve - they are the eight smartest and most powerful among the bloodline of the second generation of Adam and Eve. What makes their immortality so definite, so complete and so powerful is because they are chosen and blessed by God himself. They existed here for over a millennium when they first acquired their power before God pulled them from Earth and pushed them into individual realms, which thus created the first eight realms of Transcendence - otherwise known as the Holy Realms. Each realm is important and necessary - they make up the alignment from which all of God's creations pull energy from, both those of power and those who are simply human. If just one Transcendent were to fall, it is very likely that the world would fall victim to a vicious apocalyptic demise or complete overall Armageddon.

Another special thing about this group is that there has not been a single member that has been switched out. Since they have become immortal, they have remained The Eight and it has not been foreseen a change in this arrangement any time in the near future.

You cannot become one of these - there cannot be nine - but you can become like one to a certain extent. This ability is very seldom granted and is only granted by God himself when he possess a human vessel and walks among us for a period of time. A jewel is created from this event as the very presence of God within a human form inevitably causes it to wither and die even after he returns to his throne within the realm of Heaven.


Before the vessel dies, they will regurgitate a stone or jewel - it is called the Sacred Eye in Holy Runes and Classified Biblical documents - and this stone grants a generous gift influenced by the Eight. From it, the holder gains:


1. Spiritual Alignment, which is the ability to pull a spirit from another realm into this one and attach them to yourself.


2. Immortal Excursion, which is the ability to embody the power of an immortal.

3. Soulbinding, which is the ability to reserve any power or magic that you desire to yourself. You may take items of power and bind them to yourself as well so that they may never be allowed to shift ownership. They will only answer and perform for you. This ability is important because it is what has sealed many magics to these immortals, magic that can only be accessed now by the likes of them.

4. Full Psychic Awakening, which is self explanatory. However, there are differences to note between the usual full psychic awakening and that of an immortal transcendent. Psychic awakening is only as useful as far as one's third eye can see. Unless you are young, it is very likely that you are, by mortal standards or even compared to an actual immortal, very young. Your third eye cannot reach nearly as far as that of one of The Eight.

5. Immortal Knowledge and Wisdom, which is also self explanatory. There is an arsenal of knowledge that the Eight have gathered over time and it is wealth in ancient knowledge and wisdoms of truths, magic and powers. You do not have to wonder whether or not the knowledge you desire is archived among these things because you will not need to wait. It's instant.

6. Center of Divinity, which is the access to all things divine, from which you can channel any form of divinity that you require. This allows you to console with God as well if that is what you need or choose.

7. Thrall, the ability to influence all beings created during or after the time of the birth of the Transcendents. This means that you can conjure or summon any spirit, entity or creature and control it or source it for power freely as long as it is younger in terms of existence compared to the Transcendents. You do not need to wonder how you will know the difference when it comes to this one - the Transcendentsgrant this knowledge alongside the full access to immortal knowledge and wisdom.

8. Tri-Protection, which is a very powerful hybrid form of protection that was constructed by the Transcendents themselves. It is entirely fabricated with the Three Holy Points of Individual Guard, which is just one of the most powerful protection spells in existence. It does not repel evil or general danger, it destroys it completely. It is almost like a force field that is consistently guarding you. The protection itself stems from multiple realms, which is how it holds so much power and works so effectively. We guarantee that you will need no other protection spells beyond this one.

Again, this piece will not grant you immortality. You will gain all that you seek from the Eight Immortal Transcendents but immortality is not one of them. That is not to say that it cannot be acquired - you must ask for it through the Center of Divinity. As stated above, you can interact with God himself and it goes without saying that there are things that he knows that no one else knows. We do not know if one of the things he would be willing to give you is immortality but we based on the things we ourselves have received, we do not believe that it is something beyond asking for.

This ring heavy sterling silver with good quality blue Sapphires and white Sapphires. This is a size 7 and all stones and sterlings are supernatural. When I say that it means the stones were made directly or collected by the spirits.


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