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There are quite a few of those, "I wish I had been there," moments in history.  I am certain that you could think of at least a dozen of these off the top of your head.  Personally, I wish I could have been there to see the dinosaurs.  There is just something that fascinates me about thesepre-historic beasts.  To think that they all went extinct simply seems like a waste to me, but who am I to dictate the changing to times?  There are many moments like this in history, where you wish you could be there to experience it for yourself.  What I am about to tell you, though, will leave you flabbergasted.  Honestly, it is one of the most powerful items that I have ever come across.  It pulls a certain heart string for me, also, because the man whose experience I am talking about is a fellow Frenchman.  You all know that I am from France.  I was kept in captivity there for many years before escaping once my powers grew strong enough to over ride the powers that were keeping me there in the first place. 
The legend that I am telling you about, and the one I wish I could revisit, pertains to Napoleon Bonaparte.  It comes from his journey to Egypt to see the Great Pyramids, which is another reason why I happen to lend particular interest to this issue.  As the the tale goes, Napoleon visited the Great Pyramid.  While in the pyramid he requested of his guards that he would like several minutes alone inside the King's Chamber.  This has become a somewhat customary practice, having been done by Alexander the Great and other previously famous figureheads.  Napoleon's experience would be incredibly different.  When he returned to his guards, he was visibly shaken.  When asked what was the matter, Napoleon refused to recount the details of his experience in the King's Chamber.  The flush, pasty color of his cheeks were enough to let the guards know that he was serious.  
The secret of what exactly Napoleon saw inside the King's Chamber stayed with him until he was on his very deathbed.  Even then, he hesitated when a good friend of his asked him to recount the details of the day.  Now, most accounts say the Napoleon did not hand out the details of what had happened to him in the pyramids, not even to his friend, not even on his deathbed.  This narrative would be false and the only reason that I can tell you that with 100% certainty is because the piece that I am profiling IS the secret of Napoleon Bonaparte.  It is the very secret that Napoleon hid for so many years after emerging from the King's Chamber, not wanting to talk about it.  Nor did he ever return.  This piece was kept by his friend and somehow lost over progression of time.  I cannot help but think had I been a century before hand, could I have been the one who was helping Napoleon?  I guess it is rather trivial compared to the powers of this piece.  Either way I have experienced the full impact of Napoleon's travel to Egypt.  This is one of the most powerful pieces that I have ever obtained through my years of immortality.
Here is what really happened to Napoleon while he was in the King's Chamber.  I only know this because I have used this piece to recreate the experience that he had that day.  I obtained the piece during an Illuminati ritual that I was infiltrating as part of a investigation that I was doing alone.  Solo is the best way to go sometimes if you do not want to compromise your identity.  They were all dressed up in black robes with plague masks anyhow.  It was quite the affair, during which I was able to confiscate this piece.  I can tell you with certainty that by taking this piece I got more than I ever bargain for and more than I ever expected I would.  For, this piece, as I have told you, IS the secret of Napoleon. It is the piece that was given to him that day in the King's Chamber.  It is the piece that has been shrouded in mystery, that he gave to his friend on his deathbed.  It is the piece that was given to him by the entity that he saw in the pyramid that he did not want to recount to anyone.
In using the piece, I have been able to successfully retrace the steps that were taken by Napoleon that day, down to the orders that he gave to his guards to stand down while he stayed in the King's Chamber.  He was not there very long before he was approached by an entity that called herself the Black Madonna.  She came to him out of a sarcophagus and levitated in mid-air before she set herself on the ground.  She moved in very choppy movements, almost like the modern portrayal of a zombie.  Napoleon was equal parts frightened and curious and could not move.  The entity made its way closer to him and rest her hands over top of his.  At precisely this moment is when Napoleon was given a vision.  In this vision he was shown his own death and how he would die, which is most likely the reason why he came out of the tomb so visibly shaken.  Before she sent him on his way, though, the Black Madonna that was born of the energies of the pyramid gave Napoleon a piece.  It is the piece that I took from the Illuminati ritual table.  It is the piece that Napoleon surrendered to his friend the day he died.  It is one of the most powerful piece that I have ever experienced and the reason why is because it can do so much.  It is the epitome of powerful relics.  It has been born of the powers of the pyramid, more specifically the Black Madonna that lives within.  
The piece is jet-black Victorian mourning jewelry; or at least that is what it has been fashioned to look like.  It is a necklace that is to be worn.  You will notice a hollow part of the relic and this is where the power in this piece lies.  The power is a form form of necromancy, in that it allows you to resurrect any person, any form, ANYTHING that you want to experience.  If you have the desire to experience it, then will will come to you.  There are no questions of authenticity or whether or not it will do this or do that.  It will make ANYTHING you want appear.  It is is that simple.  All you have to do is place a part of what you want to experience into the hollow part of the relic.  It could be hair, a small nail clipping, a drop of blood, or simply a picture.  The power in the piece will replicate and resurrect what you wish to experience, meaning that you will be able to communicate with whatever being it is you are trying to recreate.  You can use this piece for communication, or you can use it ti gain the powers of the people you are recreating.  You can use it to create all kinds of entities or beings-- all you need is a picture of what you want to create and it is yours for the taking.  Allow me to give a few examples of how you can use this piece.  
Say you want to experience the Philadelphia Experiment and you want to be able to time-travel like they did.  You could place a picture of Einstein and Tesla into this piece.  They will appear to you in full form.  You can communicate with them and they will tell you all the juicy details of time travel and how they made the Philadelphia Experiment Work.
If you want to be able to have complete control over all djinn, or gain the ability to create yourdjinn, you can place a picture of King Solomon in this piece.  King Solomon of the djinn master and he controlled legions of the entities that were given to him by God.  If you want to have a sit-down with Jesus Christ or gain all of his white light abilities, the ability create miracles, and the ability to resurrected into Heaven, then you will simply use a picture of Jesus.  You can also recreate any saint to gain their powers or intercession simply by using a small picture of whichever saint you wish to summon.  You can use this piece to summon any celebrity, including Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Mae West, or any other celebrity that you choose.  All you need is a picture of them to place into the center of this piece.  If you want to become a vampire, consider place a picture of Vlad Tepes in this piece.  He will then come to you in full form and give you the powers that he has amassed through the years.  Perhaps you're more of a Bathory person, you can also summon her too.  She will give you her full powers of immortality and show you how to become a vampire.  You can even use this piece to summon the presence of any celestial God.  If you need love, put a picture of Aphrodite or Venus in this piece.  You will have to do your research on specific gods and their powers, but this piece can make them all come to you simply by using a picture of the god or goddess that you want to summon for their powers.  If you want to become a werewolf, find a picture of Benandanti and place their picture in this piece.If you want Illuminati mind control, find a picture of Bob Hope and place it in here.  We all know how instrumental he was in controlling the minds of his sex slaves.  If you want to summon extraterrestrials, you can do that to.  I think by now you know what to do.  You can summon the people of ancient Atlantis, just find a picture.  If you want to recreate Horus for all of his knowledge of ancient Egyptian magic, you can.  If you want want to bring to life the Jade Emperor for all of his knowledge of Oriental magic, you can.  You can summon Saint John for a better understanding of what he wrote in the Book of Revelations.  You can use the picture of ANYONE or ANYTHING that you want and it will bring the forth to you.  Like I said before you can also use a part of their body such a hair, nail, drop of blood etc.  I would imagine that a picture would be easier to find, though.
You can also use this piece to create entities.  How this works is you use a generic picture of the entity you wish to create.  If you want to create an angel, find a picture of an angel.  You can use a picture of a vampire, a werewolf, a fairy, a djinn, a leprechaun, a gnome, a troll, a phoenix to bring you wealth.  Literally, you can create whatever you want.  All you need is a small picture of it.  Place it in the center of this piece and it will be created for you, whereby you will become its master.  Again, there are NO LIMITATIONS on what you can create or who you can summon.  I have listed a few examples her, however there are no limits.  Just because it wasn't written about in this descriptions, doesn't mean that you can't resurrect them or create that entity.  If you can find a picture of it, you can make it real! 
Now you See why this piece is so powerful and why Napoleon held onto it for so long.  I can see why it eventually fell into the hands of the Illuminati and why the cherished this prize so much.  It is literally capable of bringing about anybody or any entity.  This essentially means that it can bring about any power, give you any ability, allow you experience anything, and give you anything that you want.  It is definitely not a power to be taken lightly, as it is all-encompassing.


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