The Essence of Life and the Secret God Power
The Essence of Life and the Secret God Power
The Essence of Life and the Secret God Power

The Essence of Life and the Secret God Power

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She We have a new item in that proves that the existence of the Ark of the Covenant is more than anybody ever thought that it could be. Of course, we have all known the religious powers that have come from the Ark, but this is the only aspect of the Ark that could ever have been proved. We have offered Ark of the Covenant pieces in the past, but they have been nothing like what we are about to tell you. This sheds a whole new light on an aspect of the Ark that has been missing all along.

The Ark of the Covenant was not just a place for God to store his most holy relics. It was a weapon of mass destruction. It held in it a secret force that could annihilate millions of people at once. This is what caused the Walls of Jericho to fall. The trumpets simply activated the nuclear-like force that brought the walls down. This leaves us to think are the trumpets that are mentioned in the Book of Revelations going to usher in a nuclear apocalypse? I guess that has yet to be seen.

Inside the Ark of the Covenant, there was also a technology that provided Israelite warriors with a secret technology and a source of wisdom that made them exceptional warriors. Prior to acquiring this piece we would have had no way to know that this is what was being hidden in the Ark of the Covenant other than the religious magic that we have long provided on the website. The piece that we have gives you a complete understanding of what actually happened in ancient times and where God actually comes from.

The technology that was given to the Biblical leaders came from times that are so far back that we can't even call them ancient. To be honest, I'm not even sure primordial would be the correct word. These times were so long ago that it would be impossible to try to map out when the happened. All we know for sure is that they happened prior to God creating the Universe.

The magic in this piece comes from those times. It has come directed from the Ark of the Covenant. The magic has been spoken into this piece from the Cherubim on the Ark. They are the messengers that carry the true secret and they are also the messengers that allowed ancient leaders such as Moses to communicate with God directly. These two alone are the most powerful entities to exist other than God himself. This is because they hold the secret.

What is the Secret. Prior to becoming the God of our universe, Jehova as he has been called, was something else entirely. He was a warrior in an army that existed in entirely different part of the universe and in a different reality. It's something that you will only be able to comprehend when the secret in this piece gives you the truth. The armies of this place were under total dictatorship. Long story short, they were completely wiped out by the same force that is hidden inside the Ark of the Covenant. You will see what I mean when you use this piece

God as we know him was able to escape, but only in his spiritual form. His other bodily form, which I don't really have a name for was left behind in his old existence. The weapon is what transformed him into this atomized, spiritual form. He was one of very few survivors, but he was able to confiscate the weapon. After that he fled to an entirely remote segment of the universe with the secret weapon. Here he stayed for a length of time, vowing to never experience life as he knew it again.

However, this only lasted so long. It was long before he was using the same force that had destroyed his previous existence to create a new one. This was the new galaxy, the one that we live in. He created humankind and he created all that we know. He stored the secret weapon inside of the Ark of the Covenant, with only the Cherubim knowing the true secret. This is why humans die the moment the lay eyes on the Ark. The secret is much too deadly for any human to know. However, that has all changed as the times reach the end.

This piece was one of the few exceptions that were allowed to know the secret of God's history. The powerful force that he harbors-- sometimes called the life force-- is able to destroy or create. His previous existence was totally wiped out by it, but he also used it to create our own. Everything that exists in our solar system has been created with this power, from the tiniest organisms to the largest planets.

I'd like to try and describe what it is you get when you get this piece. This piece is all-inclusive and all powerful. THis is being able to see the history of the God that created us. This piece is knowing his secret powers. This piece is being able to embrace and use that secret power for good. This piece lets you see the most vulnerable side of our creative. It puts the powers of the universe at your fingertips. There is nothing that cannot be achieved using this power. As I have said before this power is responsible for the fall of the Walls of Jericho.

You can create any power with this piece. You can create any magic with this piece. It will give you the knowledge of the ancient warriors that Jehovah fought with prior to become the God of our Universe. These warriors battled with very powerful types of magic and through visions and dreams these forms of magic will be released to you. Their stories will be told to you. You will be able to see the magic that existed before our existence was even a thing. You will also be able to know and to create any form of magic that has been created in our universe, because God knows all things. He created it all for that reason and to hide the force that destroyed his people prior to becoming our God.

The coming of the End of Times as we know them is dawning. This is why the secret of this power can be released This power will be used one more time and that is to create the eternal city in which God will reside once the New Jerusalem falls and existence is rendered perfect. This piece will also allow you to visit the new city and to experience it for yourself. There is no more pain, no more defect and all the people have died who were innocent already live there.

I've done my best to describe what this piece will do for you. It's so powerful that I can't put it all in words. You will simply have to use this piece to know what I am talking about, but it really is unlike anything that I've ever experienced. It is the very essence and story of our existence.

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