The Eternal
The Eternal
The Eternal

The Eternal

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This piece was once the possession of an entity called the Eternal. The Eternal has no origins, but she also has no end. She always was and she will always remain. She is a by-product of the universe and was created out of the knowledge at the Cosmic Center of the Universe. I can't really say that she is a human, so I guess she really isn't a she. However, this the Eternal manifests itself on Earth, so for the sake of being able to tell you about this piece, I am calling it a she. Pronouns can be so difficult these days.

The Eternal has lived on the face of Earth for thousands of years now, only because it was a better alternative than living in the void before the Earth and the Universe were created. Nobody really knows what the Eternal's agenda is, only that she craves power and wealth. She is capable of creating any kind of magic that she desires, simply because she was born of the Cosmic Center of the Universe, where the Hall of Records also exists. She holds all knowledge and she uses this knowledge to her advantage. She gains this knowledge through a cosmological seed that was planted inside of her at her creation, which connects her directing to the Cosmos, which allows her to see through the Cosmic Eye whenever she wants to.

So here's the thing-- the Eternal is immortal and we all know that human bodies are not. Since the inception of Earth, she has taken on different human hosts, first taken on the body of Lilith until she was ejected from the Garden of Eden. After Lilith became her own immortal being, the Eternal lied in waiting until her next victim arrived. Since then, she has scoured the Earth taking the form of many human beings. She especially enjoyed taking the bodies of royalty and she has been the inspiration behind many of the blood rituals and wealth rituals that they perform to this day.

These days, she hands around Hollywood, taking the bodies of unknowing celebrities. Of course, she gives them the fame and wealth that they crave, but she is in control of their bodies at all times, so is it really even them experiencing it? It's just the kind of power and attention that the Eternal craves. She will never be spotted living in poverty or in unsuitable circumstance, she wants nothing but the best that this life has to offer. Of course, "the best" that life has to offer has changed over the years and the Eternal has found her way to bodies that range from Queens and other royalty, to celebrities, to gypsies, to witches, and she even took the body of one of the Oracles at Delphi. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

To get humanity to bow to her demands and to give her what she wants, the Eternal uses the powers of seduction and mind control. This is why she mostly appears a sultry vixen and why there are only a few rare occasions where the Eternal has taken the form of a man. This is because the Eternal is a more effeminate spirit, but also because it has learned that it is easy to seduce somebody with the stunning good looks of a woman than it is as a burly, rugged man. Either way, the Eternal always gets what it wants, regardless of the form that it has to take. This is thanks to the magic that it is fed through its connection to the Cosmic Eye.

This piece is one that belonged to the Eternal at one point in time. This piece is a memoir of the Eternal's powers and holds the Eternal's energy in raw form. With this piece, you gain all of the Eternal's powers, including its connection to the Cosmic Center of the Universe, its ability to create magic and gain powers through the knowledge of the Cosmic Eye, the ability to get what you want through seducing and/or charming people, the ability manifest great wealth and fame, and the ability to be planted with your own cosmological seed that will tie you to the Cosmos. As the Cosmos changes and more knowledge is added, you will also gain that knowledge. There will never be a shred of knowledge that you won't have because the powers in this piece are refreshed as the Cosmos gains more knowledge. It is an ever-evolving magic that will allow you to gain all of the powers and abilities that you want, while also gain all of the things that you want here on Earth when you have to entice people to give it to you, or otherwise.

This is an original Miriam Haskell piece, but this should come as no surprise.  I told you that the Eternal has a taste for the finer things in life.  

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