The Eternal Heart Ring

The Eternal Heart Ring

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It has been hotly debated over the years as to whether or not you will know and recognize the faces of your loved ones in the afterlife.  It is said that God is supposed to so important that these people will cease to matter.  I say that is rubbish, in fact, I know that it is rubbish.  If that were the case how would we be able to pull spirits through when doing conjurings?  We wouldn't.  

In any case, this ring is Sterling silver and has been forged by the Holy Fire of God.  That is what makes this ring so unique and special.  When it was created using the Holy Fire, it obtained what is called Christ's Spark of Passion.  This created a magic that allows you to create a bond with your true love that way you will also be with them in the afterlife, together forever. 

Now, I might add that this piece doesn't have to be used only for those people with whom you are romantically involved.  In fact, it allows you to plant a seed in the people that mean the most to you that way you will instantly be rejoined with them upon entering into the eternal realms.  This piece will remain with you, even in death, and when you arrive in your afterlife, you will simply call out the people in whom you have planted a seed by name.  They will be brought with you and you shall be reunited!    



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