The Eye of Desire

The Eye of Desire

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This piece of the sterling silver pendant with a beautiful stone

This is a very powerful piece that has a very simple description.  This piece holds a power that commuted from a piece that was owned by Marie Antoinette.  She was executed, but somehow her treasure managed to escape.  Nobody seems to know where the treasure got to.  Some of it ended up at Elk Island, but there are still a few pieces circulating



The piece that was used to make this one was infamous in the occult underground as being the piece that granted the French Aristocracy everything that they wanted.  It’s called the Eye of Desire.  Again, this piece is not the original but holds the magic of the original which has since gone missing



The most mysterious part about this piece is that nobody really seems to know what kind of magic this piece holds.  Is it manifestation magic?  Is there some sort of divine power at play?   Nobody really seems to know.  Howe be GT 111ver, it got the aristocracy what they wanted and it will do the same thing for you



From wealth to magic to love, this piece will allow you to manifest whatever it is that you desire.  All you have to do is meditate with it to communicate what you want and it will be manifested to you.  



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