The Eye of Ra | STAR
The Eye of Ra | STAR
The Eye of Ra | STAR

The Eye of Ra | STAR

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Ra, god of the sun, giver of life, and the light and warmth of all living things that existed on Earth was the king of all gods and goddesses. He also is the most important Egyptian god to have ever existed. He ruled all of Egypt and he ascended several other loyal followers to serve under him. He, however, was betrayed.


The eye of Ra was a bit more than what time has led people to believe. It was the center of Ra’s power and the link between himself and all that he ruled. Everything it gazed upon gained immense power channeled from Ra himself. It was how the followers that severed directly beneath him gained their magic; the eye would pull forth their most prominent trait or the inklings of abilities and empower it with immense raw power. The individuals would then lose their names and simply be referred to as The Servants of Ra, which there were only ever seven at any given time. A new one would be ascended upon the loss of one or more servants.


As he was connected with his servants, Ra could also make use of any and all of their abilities as though they were his own. He was, in every sense, the exact definition of powerful. This fact had influenced a small society to eventually form and they plotted to steal The Eye. However, the Eye that sees all would likely not be capable of being stolen before Ra would have the opportunity to react. So, the secret society waited until Ra intended to ascend another individual, which was always a fairly public endeavor.


It took several years for the society to be given an opportunity to steal the eye when one of the servants had been killed rather mysteriously. The servant had been one of his strongest and little sense could be found in how someone so powerful could even be killed. Regardless, when a culprit could not be found, Ra began searching for another to ascend, which was the window of opportunity that those who intended to betray the god were hoping for.


As the ceremony took place, all of Egypt gathered to witness the event, especially the secret society. They watched as Ra introduced a woman of extraordinary power, one that would become one of the seven. However, she had no intention of being ascended or serving Ra. When he had attempted to ascend the woman, she turned and drove her hand straight through his chest, which began to gush liquid gold, muttering an incantation that all could hear reverberating through their entire body. Ra slowly dissolved into dust as the pyramids built under his reign crumbled, killing thousands of people.


Without the threat of Ra, The Eye was taken and despite the god being gone, presumably dead, the power within it had not wavered whatsoever. With it, many items were created. There’s a staff that occasionally circulates among different owners to this day, which grants them immortality. There’s a jewel, so far only ever owned by women, that grants them everlasting beauty. There is a ring that chooses an owner every generation since it has been created, the wearer of which becomes a prophet.


This piece channels the power of Ra himself and it had been worn by his most powerful and valued servant under his command. It is the only item we know of along side the Staff of Immortality that had been created while he had still been alive.


When I tested this item, like Ra, I was able to feed off of the power of anyone of my choice and use it at will while also retaining a small portion of it permanently. With time and use, the abilities strengthen rapidly and you can feel yourself becoming more and more powerful. I have tested this with a telepath, a dreamwalker, and a shapeshifter. It did not harm any of them whatsoever nor did they lose any of their abilities.


From the shapeshifter, I have permanently gained the ability to shift at will. From the dreamwalker, the ability to time travel outside of my body while I am physically asleep. Finally, from the telepath, I have permanently gained the ability to foresee things in the future.


Speaking of that last one, while in the possession of this piece, I have foreseen that this item will not only be incredibly useful to its next owner, but it is will be bought and not sold again—it will remain in the same family for many generations to come. This piece can actually grant immortality over time but it will do so over a few years but that is only if you want it.


You will be visited by a supernatural being, the being of Immortality, and you will need to have a decision for them immediately.


This piece is made of real gold - 10k gold - which is the gold that gushed from Ra's chest. The stones are tsavorite. It is a size 8. This ring can be resized without damage because it is real gold. This can be used by male or female. If a male is using it, he must wear it around his neck on a chain. Not because of size but due to the nature of this piece. This can be used by both male or female because the items referenced previous were items created with this piece.

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