The Final Arbiter of Magic | STAR
The Final Arbiter of Magic | STAR
The Final Arbiter of Magic | STAR

The Final Arbiter of Magic | STAR

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This is a very powerful piece crafted by the hands of a witch mastered in all forms of witchcraft, which makes it one of the most powerful if not the most powerful witch item we have to date. It may just be the ultimate piece if mastering all forms of witchcraft is among your list of interests. It is likely that you have heard of this witch: Marie Laveau.

Yes, Marie Laveau was well versed in a number of practices, including those of several forms of witchcraft at a very young age. She favored above all other practices the practice of Voodoo magics - it aligned best with her and she was known for it above all other practices. She was known as a Supreme witch - the highest ranking of witch that one can be. The common knowledge of her mastery in voodoo magic and rituals was what lead to her fame it remains the reason her name is known about 135 years later. However, that didn't mean that she did not know other things. She, in fact, invested most if not all of her time and effort into both learn and furthering her magical knowledge. Due to this, she became practiced in every form of witchcraft before nearing the end of her life in 1881.

We don't know where she gathered all of her knowledge and magic but we know that it was from a source of higher power, likely not one of this realm, because of how in-depth her magic was. Her knowledge, based on her journals and hidden grimoires also suggested extraordinarily in-depth knowledge. She does however never actually say how she came across it all. It's more left to the interpretation of anyone who reads her works. Either that or Laveau never intended for anyone to inherit her power much less read her hidden grimoires.

Either way, another proof we have of Laveau's immense arsenal of power and wisdom is this piece, which we found in a secret compartment in the very last grimoire she ever wrote. The compartment was enchanted to rest upon just one page and it is extraordinarily easy to miss. In fact, we missed it as well. We only noticed it after having looked through the grimoire to gather information two or three times.

Immediately upon pulling the piece from the compartment, Laveau whispered to me - as I had been the one to actually touch it - in warning that the power I was about to receive would complete disillusion me. She whispers something different to everyone who comes in contact with this piece. For me, I discovered that the witches in my family were faux and all the power they had ever claimed to have was neither real or accurate in practice. Including my own. Another witch - a close friend who at the time had not known she was a witch at all - heard Laveau whisper hello again, dear friend, because my friend's great grandmother had actually been associated with Laveau. What they experienced afterwards with this piece was life altering.

This piece allows you to psychically gain all knowledge connected with each of the forms of witchcraft. As you can imagine, there are many so what this item exposes to you is really an enormous amount of wisdom and magic. Whether or not you are someone who knows all of the forms of magic - even as little as the names or what they entail - you will gain knowledge when you acquired this piece. It will be like an instant download of all of the information associated with witchcraft directly into your mind along with exactly how to utilize the wisdom. Whatever you are capable of now - whether that means one full form of witchcraft, multiple or perhaps even none - this piece is likely to surprise you because you will find that there was still so much to know. We have had multiple of our own experienced witches experiment with this piece and there was no exceptions - they were all much further away from mastering their practice than they originally thought.

It is recommended that this item remain on your person at all times so it can be at work on a constant basis. As it bonds with your body and magic, it will drastically increase the accuracy as well as the power behind your spells and enchantments. For witches of more spiritual practices, it will allow you to unlock the physical aspects of your craft, which there exists one for all practices, regardless of whether or not you have been led to think so. True mastery of witchcraft, especially the more rare crafts that separate themselves from more traditional practices, they all have 'final frontiers' so to speak and it is impossible to reach it unless you are first guided to it. Even for extinct practices, this piece exists as one of the last existing vessels that houses the complete knowledge of it. So whether you wish to master one craft, all crafts, or old and otherwise extinct magics, this piece is guarantee to be the only item ever required to not only grant you the knowledge you need but also the capability to be up to par with the most powerful witches in all of history.

This piece is platinum overlayed sterling silver with emerald quartz, size 8.


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