The Final Secret of Fatima
The Final Secret of Fatima

The Final Secret of Fatima

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For those of you who do not know what I mean when I talk about the Three Secrets of Fatima, it's time for a history lesson.  They are a series of secrets that were afforded to three young Portuguese shepherds by a Marian apparition.  Lucia Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto were all three present on May 13, 1917, when the Mary began showing herself to the children and giving them prophecy.  
The three children were visited three times by the Blessed Virgin six times between May and October that year.  According to Lucia, the three children were entrusted with three holy secrets around noon on July 13, 1917.  The first two of these three secrets were revealed in 1941 when Lucia wrote them down in a document requested by Jose Alves Correia de Silva, Bishop of Leiria.  This was in order to draft a new book about Jacinta.
In 1943, the Bishop requested Lucia to put the third secret in writing for him.  Lucia declined, believing that it was not yet time for her secrets to be divulged to the world.  God had not yet told her to act.  However, in October of the same year, the Bishop ordered Lucia to put the third secret in writing.  It was made very clear that the third secret was not to be opened until 1960 when it would appear clearer to the Church.  
It is not clear and I'm not sure if the Bishop opened it right away or if they actually honored Lucia's request, but the document was supposedly released in its entirety in the year 2000 by Pope John Paul II.  Some believe that the secret has been divulged in full.  Others don't follow the words of the Church so sheepishly and demand the secret be handed over in its entirety.  Either way, the third secret of Fatima concerns me not one little bit.  I'm onto bigger and better things.  It is a secret that we are calling the Final Secret of Fatima.  
Sometimes when anomalous things happen in the world, it can create such an impact that it literally has a ripple effect on the time and space continuum.  We have seen it happen plenty of times before and such anomalies can create a pocket of existence in which something extraordinary happens.  The phenomenon goes undetected unless discovered by paranormal or supernatural means.  
In a secret letter that was written to the Church by Lucia Santos, she tells the priest that later in life she was again visited by the Virgin.  She appeared to her in the middle of the night, calling out her name and instructing the woman to take her hand.  She then took Lucia to the place where she gave Lucia and her three young cousins the three secrets of Fatima.  Lucia watched as the secret memories that were shared between the Virgin and the three children played over and over again.  This is the time pocket that I was referring to earlier.  The secrets of Fatima are stored away in a time pocket that has been created by the holiness of the apparition of the Christ Mother.
Lucia watched, baffled by what she was witnessing.  However, it came time for Lucia to return to her mortal life.  She reached out to the Virgin at which point she noticed that her eyes were welled with tears.  Lucia fell to her knees begging the Virgin Mother not to weep.  She responded, "these are not my tears, but the tears of my son, Jesus Christ.  He weeps for humanity, but in your name sends them his miracles.  Go and write to the leaders of the Church.  Tell them what you have seen.  To the leaders in the North write that God is like a lamp leading them through the dark.  Do not give up hope.  To the leaders in the East, write that God has seen the work that has been done with their hands.  He shall replenish them 7 fold time 7.  To the leaders in the South write that God shall grant them the holiness to get through these wicked times, for they know not what they do.  To the leaders in the West, write and tell them that they have been inflicted by the Whore of Babylon and the Mark of the Beast.  Implore them to leave their wicked ways behind them or their suffering shall never be ceased.
Then, the Virgin reached into her robe and handed Lucia the Final Secret of Fatima.  It was the rosary that you see pictured.  She shed one more tear that landed on the rosary with a splash.  It is the tear you see on the rosary.  It is not her tear, but Christ's.  She then gave Lucia a vial of blood, telling her to seal her letter with wax and stamp the envelope with the blood of Christ.  This will prove that what you are saying is the truth.  Once the seal is open, the End of Times shall be upon mankind.  She instructed Lucia to keep the Rosary for herself, telling her not to let it fall into the wrong hands.  
When Lucia died in 2005, the Church confiscated this piece.   They took it to the underground archive that they have at the Vatican.  Here it remained until recently when we entered into a contract in order to have this piece delivered to us.  That is far as I will with the details.  I will tell you that we had to give out immortality, which is something we don't do often.  The powers in this piece are well worth the priced that we paid.  I can guarantee you.
We have tested this piece and it has worked wonders for us.  It has performed so many miracles.  We have been able to use this piece to raise people from the dead.  I'm talking about people dead a doornail and they just got up and started walking around like nothing ever happened.  We were able to use this piece to turn an entire lake into the blood of Christ.  We filled up a couple of vials.  We have them stored in the office.  You never know when that could come in handy.  We have used this piece to miraculously healing people, including very physical maladies.  
We used this piece on a customer that was suffering from Leukemia.  Now, she was also getting chemotherapy at the time we were using this piece, which was the primary source of relief from her problems, but the healing part of this necklace helped the process along very smoothly, intensifying the results.  She was in remission in no time and her white blood cell count is way down.  We can't say for sure if it was the piece or not.  What we know is that we were using this piece on her at the time she suddenly got better.  
We have used this piece to create and cast so many miracles that it's a wonder that Deedee even wants to offer it up for sale.  However, the piece gave her a vision the other night in which God appeared to her in full form.  He took her in spiritual form to the top of the world.  He showed her everything in it and all that was going on.  He then showed her the coming of the New Jerusalem, where everyone existed as a being that was more powerful than an angel.  He explained to her that this what awaits her and people like her who are warriors of white light.  Then, He told her that the time has come for us to relocate the piece so it can go to work in other parts of the world.  He told us to sell the piece and put the money to good use.   
So-- this is the piece.  It is this beautiful, enigmatic piece of pure white light that contains the tears of Christ and was given to the world by the Blessed Virgin of Fatima.  This piece is the final secret of Fatima that was given to Lucia to combat the evil in the world, despite the first three secrets which were doom and gloom.  Let this suffice to say that God does not put you in any situation out of which he does not give you a way.  This is the way.  This piece is incredibly, incredibly powerful in all that it can do!     

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