The Flesh Door of Westminster Abbey

The Flesh Door of Westminster Abbey

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Today, I will be offering all costume pieces. These ones have been done differently, because we have created an energy to put into them that will allow the powers that we have put into them to be placed into a different piece, using a charging box. We did this for two reasons-- 1.) If you don't feel like wearing costume and you'd rather have this power in sterling or gold, you can create it. 2.) To make them more affordable. Remember, the 2018 Christmas sale ends in 6 days-- use code "xmas18" at checkout for 50% off this item until 01/01/19.

This piece comes as the result of an investigation that we went on in Westminster Abbey. No need to worry about how we were able to do an investigation there. We have connections and I'll leave it at that. The Abbey was commissioned to be built in the 13th Century by King Henry III.

The Abbey was ordered to be built, complete with a door that was wrapped entirely in human flesh. This door was kept secret for most of the history of the Abbey, only coming to light in recent years. This is because the door was a place where the royals would gather for all sorts of rituals. These rituals included anything from spell casting, to conjurations, blood rituals and sexual rituals. It was the powers of this door that granted them many of the forms of magic that they wanted. This is because the door was representative of the doors that were standing in the way of what your mortal means and the things that you truly want.

This piece embodies the energies of the door. You can use this piece for just about anything that you can imagine. If you want to pull through spirits, this piece acts as the door between you and the spiritual realm and will allow you to pull through any spirit for any reason. If you want a specific magic, this piece acts as the door between you and that magic and will allow you to pull it through and use it. If you want to cast a spell, this piece acts as the door that stands between you and that spell. It will allow you to cast that spell once the door is open. It is a crazy powerful piece. You can use it to initiate and close any type of ritual-- blood, money, sexual, etc. If you can dream it up, the chances are that it can be created.

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