The Forgotten Souls, Wealth and Protection
The Forgotten Souls, Wealth and Protection

The Forgotten Souls, Wealth and Protection

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This piece holds the magic of many souls, particularly European child souls. They are the souls o the children who were left to die due to harsh conditions labor. I mean, if you want to see prime examples of child labor in America, all you have to do is move to Pennsylvania and take a visit to an Amish farm. I'm pretty sure they treat those kids worse than most slaves were treated. One time I remember reading in the news that an Amish man left his 7-year-old son unattended while he was operated heavy machinery that was designed to harvest corn. Needless to say that little boy didn't live to tell about the harvest. It's sad actually. Children should be learning, not slaving away to make rich men richer.

Of course, I'm not talking about the Amish. I'm talking about the Bourgoise that ruled Europe and forced children into hard labor, forcing many of them to death or at least to premature deaths as adults. We found a massive burial mount somewhere in Europe. I'm not telling anybody where, due to respect for the children's graves, or what served as their grave. Death was worse in the Summertime because of heat conditions in factories and of course there were no air conditioners. The kids dropped like flies. This is why there was a mass burial site.

While visiting the site, we attempted to set the children's souls free. Some of them didn't even realize they were dead. However, the insisted on their souls and their energy be used to make this piece. They had been planning this for some time but needed a human to do the actual magic because they couldn't do it themselves. I guess magic is just something you know about when you become a soul because they certainly didn't know this magic when they died as children.

We obliged to making this piece on their behalf. It contains the soul energies of over a dozen people. It has been used to create a soul alchemy that brings both wealth and protection. Wealth because they don't believe that anybody should have to work as hard as they did in life. It will bring you wealth from across many areas of your life. It brings white light protection that way you don't fall victim to the type of evil that they did, that exploited and ruined their lives. This will work both against actual dark magic, curses, and will keep you away from suspicious people who mean you harm. 

The piece that we used to create this item comes with earrings, but you don't have to wear them if you don't want to.   

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