The Fourfold Goddess of the Belizian Grove
The Fourfold Goddess of the Belizian Grove

The Fourfold Goddess of the Belizian Grove

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Membership includes a current United States Supreme Court justice and retired female United States Army General. There have been prominent actresses that have joined the group, heiresses, and self-made female millionaires. In fact, there are only females in the group. The group is actually a society that isn’t so secret despite some of their operations and procedures being incredibly secretive.  



They call themselves the Belizian Grove and their public mission is the help women leaders build trusted relationships with one another and to help rising stars get to the top. Perhaps that’s how some of the new lawmakers secured their elections. I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is that the Belizian Grove possesses some powerful magic. It has used it time and time again to allows its members to acquire high-ranking positions of power. It sure does beat those vagina hats that people were wearing in DC.  



The piece that we are offering is an initiation ritual piece. It calls upon the Patron Goddess of the Belizian Grove, which is actually a four-face goddess that was created by the Grove’s leaders. This four-faced goddess is a conglomeration of goddesses including Ishtar, Kali, Isis, and Hecate. Together these four goddesses open a door of opportunity like no other.  



This piece will allow you to create any kind of magic that you want. Whether you want the Egyptian magic of Isis, the magic of th queen of the Heavens, Ishtar, the Vedic magic of the Great Destroyer Kali, or the ancient Greek magic of Hecate, this piece is extremely powerful, because there are four powerful goddesses of divine magic from different pantheons that represent different things. Any magic is possible.  



You will also be able to use this piece to advance your position. You will be able to acquire the success that you want, on your turns, as you want it. It will bring you wealth. It will bring you fame. It will bring you control and power. It will give you authority over humankind. You will be somebody that other people look up to and answer to. I would equate this power to a queen, but the fact is that this piece can make you so much greater than that. We are talking about worldwide and universe-wide power. 



Here’s the thing-- you do have to put in some work when using this piece. I know some of you are going to be like, “Well, if I have to do work, then why am I buying magic?” Because magic helps those who help themselves. It is primed by energy. If you are sitting around on your keister doing, what energy is there to activate this piece? None. Besides there have been many women who have tried and have not succeeded. As long as you try, the magic in this piece will hand you the world! Are you going to get the world, or are you going to let this piece slip through your fingers?  



Also, this piece can be used b men or women, really. It was created by women for other women, but men can still use it and achieve the exact same results. We know because we have had men test it, too.  



The piece that you are getting is an antique sterling and enamel box. You will write down your desires on a small piece of paper, fold it up and place it in the box. leave it there for three days. Take it out and burn it. Your desires will be communicated to the fourfold goddess ad your desires will be granted to you.    


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