The Gnostic Druze
The Gnostic Druze

The Gnostic Druze

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Secret religions have existed throughout time, all over the world. However, there are none quite as secret as the Druze. The Druze are Middle Eastern religious community and the religion that they practice is a combination of Islam and ancient Gnostic teachings. Being born into the Druze community is being born into the secret. The secret is the powers that their ancient book, the Hikmah, offer to its people.

The Secret is guarded by a special group of "knowledgeable Initiatives" call the al-Uqqal. They have gone so far to secure their secret that they accept no conversions either to our from their religion. The only way out is death and there is no way in. People of the Druze are only allowed to marry other members. There is zero intermarrying. Only under persecution is a member of the Druze allowed to deny their faith and that is only for the preservation of the secret. It is highly guarded, as I have said.

We have acquired this piece from a Druze sorcerer. Believe me, if anybody knew that he had given up this piece, it would have been his head. However, he wanted out so we helped him get out. Please don't email asking where he is or if you can help. His location and identity are of utmost secrecy, just like his once guarded secret religion.

The piece that we are offering you is amazing. It holds the deepest secret of the Hikmah, which is the energy to induce a gnostic awakening. This gnostic awakening will allow your mind to join the ranks of the ascended masters and the white light brotherhood. In doing so, the divine mysteries of the universe will be opened up to you. You will become a white light sorcerer, able to use the hidden gnostic energy to create the powers, ability, and magic that you choose to create. These are only white light abilities, so if you are looking for something dual this is not it.

I know that some of you are probably wondering. The reason that the initiate that came to us for help was because he fell in love with a girl that wasn't part of the Druze, which is strictly prohibited. While they are white light sorcerers, the Druze doesn't bend the rules for anybody.

The piece you are getting is an antique pin with real garnets.  It was infused with the knowledge of the Hikmah.  

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