The Golden Dawn's Massive Blood | STAR
The Golden Dawn's Massive Blood | STAR
The Golden Dawn's Massive Blood | STAR

The Golden Dawn's Massive Blood | STAR

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The Golden Dawn - also known as the Hermetic Order - occultists... where even to begin? Perhaps we should start off by starting with a clean slate and working our way along because we'll be here all night if we waste time discerning what's truth and what is not. They were big on dark magics. In the public eye and even to some of their lesser followers, they practiced lighter magic. They devoted themselves publicly to studying, performing and evolving different forms of powers and magics. It wasn't quite Harry Potter but it isn't entirely unrelatable either. Think of it more like a spiritual or religious version with a lot less drama and even less heroic near death experiences. You know what? Just think of it a little like Hillary Clinton running for president. You have a whole hell of a lot of people assuming the best and giving her a whole lot of credit for face value when, in all actually, behind closed doors, the crazy wench is scarier than anything else that goes bump in the night. That's this society in a nutshell.

The Order had a second order simply titled the Golden Dawn's Second Order and these are the ones that fabricated all the lies, particularly a large amount that exist in any official historical documents. All members of the Golden Dawn's Second Order were loyal and conditioned beneath the Hermetic Order rules. They would sooner bring harm to themselves than they would expose the secrets of the Order. That is why it would be too complicated to point out exactly what or which is a lie versus truth. What is probably even more disturbing is how well they hid it all.

Under the veil, the Order was infamous for masses of a multitude of different sizes. They would hide them under the guise of selective gathers, similar to secret ones we may have discussed in other files from which other items come. They would fabricate a story and hang it under a glamorous title and because the Golden Dawn was known and otherwise reflected upon with positive insight. In other words, it was very easy for them to gather people for all intensive purposes.

One of the biggest examples of this is the Dawn Mirage and it was basically advertised as a selective gathering meant only for those who knew how to conduct at least a minimum amount of magic. For anyone classified as anything remotely close to mortal, they would be denied entry. The reason for this was due to the fact that they intended to conduct the Ritual of Rosicrucian, a ritual that produces the likes of the Philosopher's stone from the crystallized blood of just at least 100 supernatural or immortal souls. The more people, the more consistently the stone could be used. The stronger the sacrifices, the more contrast the power and effect of the stone would be on reality.

So the Order gathered around 237 guests - there is thought to be several people unaccounted for for managing to escape or survive the mass due to their power but this is not explicitly known for certain. The 237 guests were made to witness the performance of what they thought to be a talented Illusionist. In actuality, they were each hypnotized and made to believe that they were continuing to view a performance for hours on end when it had actually only gone on for close to ten minutes - just long enough for the psychological enchantment to settle in. Afterwards, one by one, by multiple occultists, the throats of the guests were cut with a dull onyx dagger etched with Philosopher's Runes and a small amount of the blood was allowed to run over the dagger drip into the center of a chalice. There were a total of three cultists collecting blood into three different chalices.

Once the blood was collected - the blood from the three individual chalices, which held the blood of 79 guests each - it was allowed to slowly merge across the surface upon which a set of five symbols were draw. There was one elemental symbol, one alchemic symbol, one geometric symbol, one recreation symbol and a zodiac formation and they were arranged carefully to create the formation required to birth the likes of the Philosopher's stone.

Rather than a stone, what had actually been created was this piece. It is similar to the likes of the Philosopher's stone but there is reason to believe that the ritual had failed due to some of the additional components. Though, in this particular case, it can be argued that the failed ritual was not actually a total failure because the outcome is... still quite effective.

Like the Philosopher's stone, this piece does contain what appears to be a legendary substance capable of significantly reducing one's process of aging. It cannot grand outright immortality but it does give you the tools to acquire it anyway. This is a piece with which you can ultimately reach immortality but, to put it simply, you would have to put some maintenance in it. The piece is instilled with the bloodline of the 237 supernaturals that died for its creation. To achieve immortality, you must gradually pull a spirit of each of these 237 - at least one of all the different types, which this information will become known to you when acquiring it - and absorb them completely. In other words, you must spiritual feed the ritual as you near the end of every average human lifespan. Additionally, you will gain a large amount of knowledge as this item stems from a multitude of bloodlines from which an enormous amount of information has been hidden over generations. That is also how you will know which spirits you need to obtain and absorb to gain your immortality.


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