The Golden Man:  The Talking Saka Skull that will Change Your Future

The Golden Man: The Talking Saka Skull that will Change Your Future

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Not so long ago, the findings of what has been called the golden treasure were reported. It was a collection of coins and other treasures left behind by the Saka people in a burial mound that was found in Kazakhstan. This treasure was impressive enough, but a few days later rumors of a "golden man" began to circulate. Of course, this man wasn't really made out of gold, he was just called the golden man because he was found in the confines with the golden treasure.

The golden man is also of the Saka people and died when he was perhaps 17-18. He is estimated to have died in the 8th-7th Century BC, so you can understand that he is incredibly old and finding his presence has proved very important to academia. However, his finding has proved very important to others, as well. This is because the head that was found isn't just a random head. It is the head of a sorcerer who was ill-fated by happening upon a cursed treasure. Here he shriveled up and died, but his head still holds knowledge, as his soul still roams the Earth.

I'm not at liberty to tell you how we came across this piece, but it is one that embodies the powers of the talking Saka head. Keep in mind that he is a sorcerer and he knows a ton of magic. However, this piece conjures the talking head for a different reason. He has also been granted the ability to see the future, but no only to see the future but to change the future using the powers that have been given to him. I guess it's too bad that he didn't see his own future when finding the cursed treasure. He would have been able to save himself.

I just want to be clear, also; in case anybody was wondering. You might be asking yourself how could he be so powerful if he was only 17 or 18? The answer to this is that this is the age that he was found to have been when he died in the burial mound, which was an ancient cove of treasure. He is actually much older than that, but he stopped aging when he achieve immortality in his teenage years. This is why he appears to be 17-18 years old. He's actually much, much older. This is how he has grown to have so many powers. Then, there are all the years that he has existed in spirit form. 

I know that it doesn't seem like this piece fits the story and that's okay!!  This just happens to be the piece that the talking skull was summoned into.  It holds the energy to conjure him and the flowers that are in the piece represent the past, present, and future and it is done in sterling.   

Either way, when you have this piece, the Saka Talking Head will appear to you in spiritual form, as a skull. His eyes will beam at you, like a glowing green color, but that's okay. Don't be afraid. He's gentle and means no harm. You can ask him about your future and he will speak to you in a way that will allow you to actually see what your future holds. You can then ask him to change your future to hold anything that you choose. He will probably ask you something like are you sure and then you will tell him that you are sure. He will use his wizardry and sorcery abilities to change your future as you stand before him. He will then show you your future once more, so you can see what your life will look like with what you have just asked him to work into it. You can use this piece and his presence as many time as you'd like to tweak your future as many times as you see necessary.

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