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This is a Italian mistress who has now passed on. She was a real gold digger! As in life souls are the same in death, trust me I know. I know this because they talk to me. They want the same things while dead as they did when alive even if it is a bit different. This woman never moved on. Her name is Favianna and she died quite young, murder to be exact and also why she is still here.

Her personality is that of a sophisticated woman who loves the men and the green stuff. Of course she works for you to get it. This must be her deal in death. She can live with anyone, male or female but will give wealth to all. She likes a clean house. If your house is a messy crap hole do NOT buy this vessel! She will not work.  We have tested her all over the place. She is active but will refuse to live in a dirty house! If you are not wealthy that is fine but you must have a clean home! Some people may not like that I'm telling you this but do you want me not to tell you? She has done exceptionally well with me but that is because I will lose it if my house isn't clean. I'm most likely extreme though as I don't even want anything on my kitchen counters other then a coffee machine which I put there for Lindy when she wants coffee as I don't even drink that. I'm way to hyper now. 

Favianna is happy and does have a great personality. She will get along with those who are nice to her. She is not stuck up and does like the company of women. She likes to shop or even just go to the stores and like me she loves, abso loves shoes!!! You will often find them moved. She likes being out in my office with the jewelry too. She is also into tarot cards and will help with readings, she is really into it. She told me her mother was a Italian witch but that they don't speak even in death because she became a Goomah. Her mother wanted her to marry but she just didn't want to be totally tied down in life.

This is a magical and spirited wealth piece. I think you will like her. This is made out of glass and crystals. This will also fit anyone but you don't need to wear it. Just welcome her into your home as you would anyone you really like.

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