The Grail of London
The Grail of London

The Grail of London

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This is a very large sterling silver cross pendant.


Over the course of history, there have been many people who have tried to successfully locate and publicly expose the Holy Grail. Many have tried, none have succeeded. We offer pieces that have allowed people to travel astrally to where the holy grail is located, but the location remains mostly secretive and unexposed to the public.


This piece holds the powers of something similar. It's called the Grail of London. The Grail of London is a grail that holds its own powers. It was created by King Arthur after his run-in with the actual Holy Grail in Medieval times. There's a lot of back ad forth as to whether King Arthur existed or not. He did and we have proof of it, but that is for another conversation and another time.  


Either way, he created a grail that has eventually become known as the Grail of London. It was created with a single stone from the actual Holy Grail that was used during the last supper and which caught the blood of Jesus as it ran from his body as he hung on the cross.  


This stone doesn't make the London Grail as powerful as the original Holy Grail, but this newer grail is nevertheless very powerful. The piece that we are offering has been soaked in holy water that was placed inside of the grail. This is how new relics are created from the grail. There have been a number of relics that have been created this way over the years, mostly for high society and people who have joined the ranks of the Freemasons or the Knights Templar.  


When you drink from the grail, or in this case allows the powers of the grail to permeate your body, you will receive a washing of the soul. All other energies will be released from your body and one energy will remain and that is the energy necessary to communicate with Heaven. You will receive a connection to Heaven almost like a child is connected to its mother by the umbilical cord while still in the womb.  

Via the connection that you will receive you will be able to receive holy and divine white light magic. For instance, you can use this piece to create miracles. You can use this for healing. You can use this piece to manifest your own white light destiny. You can use this piece to receive the wealth and abundance of God. You can use this piece to summon angels. The list goes on and on. What this piece will grant is immortality. However, it will grant health and longevity to whoever uses it.  


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