The Grand Grimoire

The Grand Grimoire

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This piece has been obtained through an investigation that we were on. For sake of time and the fact that I'd have to write a book, I'm going to skip the minor details of the investigation and straight to the part where the meat happens. Through a very strange twisting and turning of events, we found ourselves in a secret archive. It wasn't the Vatican Archives, though. I remember that the monk, who we had hired as a guide had specifically told us that the Vatican has a second secret archive that they keep. They know that the rumors of their prior secret archives at the Vatican have been circulated. However, the book that we are about to tell you about is just way to powerful to risk ever getting into the wrong hands. It could literally mean the end of the world with the utterance of a few words.

The book that I'm talking about is the Grand Grimoire. It is an ancient book that was written by one Honorius of Thebes, who was believed to be Satan himself. At very least it was a man possessed by the full presence of Satan. It was Honorius that wrote the book. As for the discovery of the book, it is said to be discovered in the Tomb of Solomon circa the year 1750. Inscriptions on the book suggest it was written prior to its discovery, around the year 1522. Either way, the book is the inner workings of Satans perverse mind. Specific instructions are given on how to summon Satan in the flesh. The book even contains drawings that Satan scribbled of both Judas Iscariot and Jesus Christ. The book is impossible to destroy. You cannot burn it, rip it, pierce it, puncture it, or damage it otherwise. I've seen demonstrations. It is literally impossible. This is why the Catholic Church decided that it was best to keep this book ultra hidden. However, there is a secret group of monks who are the keepers of the grimoire. I was able to use a little mind control magic to get one of the monks to lead us there. We weren't trying to steal the book anyway. We simply wanted to use it to make this piece, which we eventually did.

This piece has been touched to the Eye on the cover of the Grand Grimoire. The Eye opens when you call to the book. If there is something that you want to know about the history of Satan the Eye will open up the book to a blank page. The words you want to know are then written in the book. This is how it works. I mean, there are things written in the book, like the summoning spell and the etchings. However, when asking the book for "wisdom" this is how it will be conveyed to you. This is not what we were after. We were after the summoning part, which is not what you think, at all. So, before you become apprehensive, read on. This piece holds the powers of Satan, resurrected and chained. However, it does not hold his demonic powers. Rather, this holds what is called Jealousy Reversal Magic. Through the powers of Jesus' Face that were etched by the hands of Jesus, this piece holds the reflections of all that Satan was jealous of. Everything that Satan wished could have been for him and instead was given to Jesus and Humanity is shown with this piece. It turns his thoughts of jealousy into pure power. Jealousy is a very, very powerful negative emotion. This piece holds reversal energy and will change the negative jealous into very powerful magic. This magic will be yours for the taking. It holds all the powers of Satan's jealous thought forms. For instance, Satan has always wanted to be able to create miracles, but he can't. He's incredibly jealous of that, so this is the power you will get when using this piece.

Another example would be Satan's inability to heal. He is jealous of the fact that Jesus has a full range of white light healing. Therefore, this piece would then also grant you the power to perform white light healing. It gives you the ability to summon angels, to raise the dead, the visite Heaven directly, and to command the energies and elements on Earth. It will give you the ability to receive Holy White Light visions regarding the end of the world and what will come to pass, including all the secrets that were left in the Book of Revelations. Oh, there is one small detail-- this piece will also reveal the location of every single hidden religious relic that is on the ace of Earth and in Heaven. This is because Satan knows about these things. He used to live in Heaven and he has seen where the relics are hidden. As such, this wisdom is shared with you, because it invokes his chained and controlled presence. Plus, these are all things that Satan is also jealous of. The Holy of Holies, the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, all of these things will be revealed to you and you will be able to gain their knowledge and power. Given that Satan and his darkness is built on jealousy and darkness, the amount of power and knowledge that you gain through this piece and the wisdom of Satan's own hand-written book is unimaginable. It is one of the most powerful religious pieces we have offered in more recent times.

The piece you are getting was touched directly to the Grand Grimoire and holds its powers.  It is 14k gold and green peridot.  

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