The Grand Reckoning;  The Calling of Ancient Egyptian Ascendance
The Grand Reckoning;  The Calling of Ancient Egyptian Ascendance
The Grand Reckoning;  The Calling of Ancient Egyptian Ascendance
The Grand Reckoning;  The Calling of Ancient Egyptian Ascendance
The Grand Reckoning;  The Calling of Ancient Egyptian Ascendance
The Grand Reckoning;  The Calling of Ancient Egyptian Ascendance

The Grand Reckoning; The Calling of Ancient Egyptian Ascendance

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If ever there was a piece of Egyptian magic that I would recommend to somebody this would be the piece. I would recommend any Egyptian piece to anybody because I am a huge fan of Egyptian magic, but this piece takes the cake. This piece is ultra-powerful and it holds the knowledge of something called the Grand Reckoning-- an event that is currently being ushered in by metaphysical forces. If you don't know anything about the Egyptian magic (first of all, shame on you), you will have at least heard of the Great Pyramids of Giza. These pyramids are conduits that were given to the great Pharaoh Khufu by ancient visitors. These visitors had a wisdom that was far beyond any wisdom that has ever been known on Earth. Both their magic and their wisdom were placed into the pyramids. A metaphysical timer has been placed on the pyramids to count down the days until the Grand Reckoning will occur.

The Grand Reckoning is a time in which the sacred numerical and geometrical barriers that keep the enlightenment that is offered by the Great Pyramids of Giza locked within the boundaries of the pyramids. Once the clock reaches zero then all bets are off. The knowledge of the Great Pyramid will be spilled forth and there will be a reckoning. This sounds like a good thing, right? Well, it could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on which end of the reckoning you fall on. There will those who are not ready to receive the reckoning. People have been living in a time loop created by the visitors of Khufu where they keep being reborn into different life cycles. The reckoning can read your soul, regardless of what lifecycle you exist in and will be able to tell if you are worthy of ascendance. Those who are not will be left behind.

On the day of the Grand Reckoning-- which is rapidly approaching-- all of the magic of the pyramids will be released. Just like in the days of Atlantis, those who have been deemed worthy will make up one enlightened community. We will share one hub of knowledge. We will share the magic and knowledge that was once contained in the pyramids. Our minds and physical bodies will undergo transformations and we will be given immortal vessels in which to exist. We will metamorphize into highly intelligent beings with the ability to know the universe and to manifest any magical ability that we desire. The ancient and sacred gods will return to earth and we will share their power. However, there's always a chance that you will not make it. Those left behind will be placed into spiritual Limbo where they will simply continue living through wars, famine, pestilence, poverty, hunger, and all the other terrible things associated with today's world.

This piece was given to Deedee who received it in a vision. She was approached in this vision by a woman called the Pharaoahess of Time. The Pharaohess took her by the hand and showed her the whole world like it was a globe. On the globe were little red dots and the Pharaohess told her that these were her "children" These were the ones who would make it through the Grand Reckoning if it happened today. There are new souls living in each one of these people who are waiting to hatch when the word is given. These souls will merge to create the new beings I told you about before... the enlightened, highly intelligent ones. They are seeds placed by the gods for the reckoning. She calls them "the Waiting." She gave Deedee this piece and told her that it is a gift for one lucky person and that it will find its way to the person who is destined to own it.

This piece is a piece that was created by a secret society of Enlightened Ones. These Enlightened One are also part of "the Waiting". They are aware of it and have begun to already progress and become enlightened, to receive their Grand Reckoning Early. They have the ability to share this gift with people through vessels that they have made, which is what Deedee was given by the Pharaohess. When you wear this bracelet, several different things will happen for you. I'll go over those in just a second. In the meantime, this piece will jumpstart your own Grand Reckoning. It will allow you to begin the enlightening and ascendence process already that way when the Grand Reckoning at large happens you will be a step ahead of the game, having already been marked as worthy and having already begun your transformation process.

Here is what will happen for you with this piece. Each magic or bit of knowledge is represented by a totem, which are the charms on this bracelet.

1.) The Sarchophagus (the mummy comes out)-- this gives you the magic and the knowledge of the past Pharaohs. When using this totem, you will have access to the minds of the greatest Pharaohs that ever lived. They will give you their magic and they will share their wisdom. They have been given a great many secrets over the years that will aid you in your enlightenment process, as well as grant you powers that you would have never thought imaginable.

2.) The Coiled Snake-- this gives you the ability exist outside of all of your lifecycles and to defy the timeloop that has been set in place for humanity. You will exist as a whole, replenished and rejuvenated, rather than shattered pieces of life that are glued together like a mosaic. This will help you connect to the universe and see the bigger picture, which is the Cosmic Lifeforce. This is a universal knowledge that will allow you to share in the knowledge of all beings and entities that have ever been given life.

3.) The Pharaohess-- this totem gives you a connection to the Pharaohess as she appeared to Deedee. The pharaohess holds the universe in her palm. She is a supreme deity-- more powerful than any that you have ever encountered. If you have questionsshe is the one you want to ask because she is the one with the answers. She will show you anything you want to see and she will answer anything you want to ask.

4.) The Ankh (on the clasp)-- this is the totem of eternal life. It grants you immortality and agelessness. There's nothing more to say about it than that.

5.) The Jars of life-- Represent by a single Jar, this totem literally holds life. This is where your new soul will be created and from where it will appear to you. When you wear this piece your own life energy will be mixed with the universal life essence that is in the jar and your Reckoning will begin.

6.) The Scroll-- This piece holds the names of all those who will join you in the Grand Reckoning. You will be shown the future of the Grand Reckoning and you will see the faces of those in attendance. You will see who is not ascending and who is being left behind. Of course, you are prohibited from speaking those names. I don't mean they tell you not to, what I mean is their names will actually never allowed to leave your tongue. It's just how the magic works.

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