The Granting of the Original Plague Doctor

The Granting of the Original Plague Doctor

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The Great Plague, or as I like to call it the Black Death, began somewhere in Asia in the mid 12th Century. It didn't take long for the plague to travel across the trading routes from Asia to Europe and once it hit Europe it spread like a wildfire. I mean, people were just dropping like flies. The pandemic killed an estimated 75 to 200 million people depending on who you ask, which was about 1/3 the known world's population. Talk about epic. I wouldn't necessarily say that the plague was a good thing, except for the fact that it gave rise to those quirky men who have become known as Plague Doctors.

Wearing these exaggerated, but really cool bird masks, these plague doctors would take to the towns and attempt to cure people of the plague. Of course, they were notoriously unsuccessful and attempted to cure the plague by practices such as bloodletting and placed frogs onto buboes. I mean, common-- what could they actually accomplish by doing these things. I'm not saying that their attempts weren't earnest and whole-hearted, what I'm saying is that most of the time these plague doctors were phonies. In fact, there is one account of a plague doctor being a commoner who sold fruit for a living before he was recruited by the government to cure people. Of course, these doctors were only mimicking what they had seen by the original plague doctor and there was only ever one. I have a theory that says that the original plague doctor was the one who started the whole mess in the first place, but what do I know?

Ah, yes, the original plague doctor. Such a scoundrel was the man. After people began getting sick and dying he'd show up in towns and begin healing people. Miraculously he was able to get the job done too. Of course, he wasn't commissioned by any government at all but healed people as he saw fit. The price for healing the human body? Well the soul, of course. You see, the original Plague Doctor, or Doctor P as I call him, was a very magical man. You know, to be honest, I'm not sure that I know that Dr. P was a man. I suppose he could be a woman. Maybe he wasn't even human, but he was always lurking in the shadows among the dying waiting for that one person who would call out to him as they lay sick on their death bed. He'd show up just in the nick of time and out of desperation and pain (the plague caused excruciating pain), he would extend the life of the patient in for a contract on their soul.

In fact, the Plague Doctor didn't just buy souls for curing the plague. He was well-known all the world for granting people all the things that they've ever wanted in return for their soul. Love, fame, riches, fertility, great power, and other types of things most desired by human nature are the most common types of things that he would grant. He would always seal the deal through a soul contract. Why did he want the soul? Because it allowed him to grow in power and the things he was able to do. You see, the soul has a very special energy about it and the more soul energy you have the more powerful you become. He used his soul energy to grow his sorcery and also to become an immortal. There isvirtuallyy no power or magic that he cannot create. There is nothing that he cannot grant. He is an immortal, indestructible being capable of anything from raising the dead to controlling the minds of others. The mask he wore-- the original plague bird mask-- was to hide his most hideous appearance. In fact, there is scarce a person who has seen the real face of the Plague Doctor. It is said that his appearance is so gruesome that it could put a person in such a state of fright that it causes immediate death.

This piece holds the presence of the original Plague Doctor-- perhaps the only one to ever exist that could actually do what he promised. He has extended the lives of millions of people. He has granted the wishes of millions of people. He has all of their souls. THis piece carries not only the presence of the Plague Doctor, but also the millions of souls that he carries in order to create and amplify his powers. With this piece, you will be able to make a connection to the Plague Doctor. We have made an arrangement with him that using this piece will not bind your soul or give your soul away to him. It is pure, dual power in its most concentrated form. You can the Plague Doctor for anything and he will grant what you ask him. There is no request to large or too daunting for Dr. P. He can do it all and with this piece, he will do it all.

When not in his human form, the Plague Doctor takes the form a bird sitting on his perch. Despite the appearance of the plague mask, this is not the appearance that he takes all the time. Sometimes he will take the form of a crow. Some times he takes the form of a owl. Some times he is a raven or a vulture. He has many types of familiar forms, but they are all birds. For some reason, he fancies them quite adamantly. This particular piece shows him in the form of an owl, but remember, you will never see him in his true form. It causes death. IF (and that is a huge IF) he decides to show himself to you, it will be in his bird form.

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