The Great Delusion

The Great Delusion

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This is a very, very powerful piece. I'll give you a little taste of what it does for you right off the bat. It is an End of Delusion piece that will cancel the delusion that is the world we live in. It will allow you to see it for what it really is. We got this piece during an investigation at a secret government confines that is hidden within the Catskill Mountains. This facility isn't a necessarily large or expansive compound, but it is hidden in the mountains and easily host a small number of diplomats if it needs to and it has a laboratory and research center adjoined to it. You might be thinking that this sounds like it might just be your average run-of-the-mill safehouse type meetings spot, but it really isn't. A whole lot of stuff has gone down here that, if let out, could really ruin the reputations of the most beloved people in America. For instance, did you know that during his presidency Obama worked to further the delusion of the human mindset, rather than try to liberate people? Well, you can't really blame him. It's all part of the illusions. People love him because he's part of it. It's just what the human mind has been programmed to do.

However, the biggest delusion of all is how the world exists around us. In a clear state of human consciousness, our world looks absolutely nothing like what you think it does. Things have been hidden from human consciousness for years as they have gotten dumber and dumber. For instance, there are portals hidden all over the world that lead to tunnels that can transport you anywhere in the universe in a matter of seconds. The capstones of the pyramids in Egypt are not ancient sandstone, but rather they are translucent crystal and other vibrant colors, full of knowledge and life-giving abilities. There are anomalies all over the world that are hidden from the sight of the average human, simply because the Illuminati doesn't want people to know about it. There are entities walking the Earth as we speak that are extremely powerful and could share their knowledge with us, but they won't because the government, controlled by the Illuminati doesn't want us to know about it. There are charging stations where people can go built into the Earth where they can gain the pure knowledge of the Cosmic Center of the Universe and unless you live above the delusion you will never know it. There are many instances like this all over the world. Some of the Crystal Skulls actually speak, as do the Easter Island heads. Stone Henge is actually a portal between many different worlds where you can freely travel if you embrace the energies, but the deluge keeps us from experiencing it. There are many other hidden pyramids around the world, but we don't see those. For some reason, they could hide the ones that aren't hidden, so the capstone was hidden instead.

What I'm getting at is that in order for the wrongs to be righted, the average human mind has been dumbed down so far that it seems a perk of magic to be brought back to alignment. This is what this piece does. I don't know if the people in the Catskills were testing it or what, but this is where we found this piece on our investigation. It holds a secret code (ALIEN OR OTHERWISE, I'm not sure) on it that will react with the Cosmic Energies that your body does receive. Once this energy enters your body, you are going start noticing things differently. You will see things and people for how they really exist. You will see places that you never knew existed before. If you travel to Egypt, you will be able to see the crystal capstone how they really exist. You will be able to the entities that travel among us that you never knew existed before. The entire veil of existence that you used to live under will be lifted and you will be set free to explore the world as it really exists, with all of its powers and magic, as it was meant to be experienced, prior to the period of time that we are calling the Great Delusion.

This awakening will grant you many powers as you find them existing in the world around you. I can't say exactly what kind of powers that this piece will allow you to come upon, because it really just depends on you and how far you intend to take the purpose of this piece. It will give you an awakening. It will end the Great Delusions for you. You will experience things and people for what they are and there will be powers and magic that follow.


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