The Great Reset 2021
The Great Reset 2021
The Great Reset 2021
The Great Reset 2021

The Great Reset 2021

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This piece is a Sterling Silver Men's ring with a fiery stone!!  The only thing fierier than the stone is the magic that will be provided when using it.  Read below for more information!

Are you ready for some scary stuff? This is the kind of stuff that should keep you up at night-- not wondering whether or not a demon is going to transcend from Hell to steal your soul while you're running back to your bed from the bathroom. What I'm about to tell you is the kind of stuff that nightmares are made of. It is the kind of thing that has been being staged in sci-fi movies and action movies for decades now and there's a reason for that.

"They" want to be able to control us. I use the term "They" very loosely, because the fact is that you will never truly know who "they" are. They could be your next-door neighbor. They could even be your closest friends. They are everywhere and they are watching.

The fact is that if you repeat something to somebody enough times, or if you show them how things will play out in a rather grandiose type of way-- such as the move V for Vendetta, Code 46, or the popular Hulu show The Handmaid's Tale-- the people will start to internalize it. They will think that there's no possible way that anything like that could ever happen. It happened with the Illuminati Devil horns.

They popularized this hand symbol during the height of rock 'n' roll music, introducing the Luciferian agenda into many homes across the country. The fact remains that this symbol has been so watered down that it has become a harmless action. This way, the Illuminati can feel free to communicate right in front of our very faces without us even batting an eye.

The fact is that as we sit here, as I write this, the United Nations General Assembly considering a resolution called the Great Reset. You may have heard this term thrown around after the Great Recession of 2008/2009 from an economic standpoint, but the leaders of the New World have internalized this message in a very new and unique way.

Let's be frank for a moment, shall we? We do live in a very New World. Things have changed right before our very eyes and most people were glitzed and glammed with the likes of Pop Culture that they didn't even notice. We can't put our phones down for more than two minutes. We can't turn our televisions off. We are drawn to our computers like bugs to lamp. We are addicts of the worst kind and "They"-- well "They" take full advantage of it.

So, as I was saying they are implementing what is called the Great Reset. This is the same old name with a new notion. It began with what we will call the "Malady". We can't openly call it anything else without getting "in trouble" so we will stick to that. It's the one that comes from the "Far East" if you catch my drift. It has infected millions of people. It has changed the way we live. It has pitted groups against one another. It has pitted constituents against their governments. They have used ideological differences to drive us apart in every way that they possibly could have.

The fact is that they've done this as an excuse to usher in the New Age that will come after the great reset. It is an era where minds will be monitored and controlled. We will receive "mind vaccinations." We will all be ordered to look and appear the same way, to think the same things. We will be nothing more than cattle on a farm. We will be assigned areas to live and we will be assigned our families. They will do this because they say that we deserve to live in a world where everyone is equal. We must have diversity. We must have tolerance-- racial, religious, sexual orientation, gender-based, etc.

Certain "mind stimulating" agents will be imposed upon our minds. We will be forced to think the way they want us to think. They do this in the name of fairness and equality because that is the way to get to people. Side with them. Pit them against the "enemy"-- the people who are naturally the ones who don't agree with every damned thing they are saying. Do you think for yourself? ENEMY!! You don't agree with a certain ideology?? ENEMY!! You don't get chipped by Microsoft? ENEMMMYYY!!!!!

It's not so much that they want us to coexist peacefully, as much as it is the fact that they are overcome by incessant greed and desire for more. They want more power. They want more money. They want more resources. More, more, more, more. Humans will become nothing but a resource for them to own and control. They will gloat over it. They will establish a Unitaria and Dystopian world where we "had better fall in line, or else." Like animals in factory farms, we will become nothing more than a number and nothing more than a body that is able to perform work to fit the agenda of "They."

Not to mention those who agree to be chipped willingly will be prone to metaphysical "updates". The updates will tell you how you need to react to new things. It will tell you what you are supposed to feel, how you are supposed to emote. They will slowly invade your mind and the sad part about it all is they will do it in a way that will make sense.

They will do it in the name of healthcare. They will do it in the name of financial stability. They will do it in the name of racial equity and social equality. Yes, the shepherds will lead their flocks astray, but it's not like the flocks ever really had a leg to stand on. I mean, when you live in a society whose motto has pretty much become, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" you're not really left with much of a choice.

Well, actually you are. The same people who are planning the Great Reset have also had these pieces made for themselves. They are scramblers. They act as a shield so that way when radiowaves are transmitted to work the minds of the masses, you will be safe. This piece is like a metaphysical shield that will keep you safe from the onslaught that they plan for your mind

However, this piece is more than just protection from the mental onslaught that is coming in the Great Reset. This piece also holds a cognitive awakening in the of a mini-transformation. Not only will the energy that is in this piece deflect what the "they" have in store for you, but it will also give you what they call the Final Reckoning. This is an awakening that will offer your mind an attunement with the universe.

You will be able to access the powers of the Cosmos, Celestial fringe magic, even Freemason Masonic, Illuminati Magic, Egyptian Magic, Oriental Magic, Nazi Magic, etc. It's a universal mind o magic that will be yours for the taking. You can pretty much create whatever you want with the magic-- immortality, astral travel, full psychic awakening, wealth, spiritual communication and summoning, and a limitless amount of others. "They" were able to make these pieces, because after "they" began invading minds, they stole the bits and pieces that they wanted to make what they call the "Superbrain." This is an epicenter with all the magic that you can possibly want at your disposal!

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