The Great White Light Communion
The Great White Light Communion

The Great White Light Communion

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What I am about to offer you is enough to change your spirituality for the rest of your life. I'm not just talking about finding yourself and having inner peace and all those kinds of things. What I mean is that the power in this piece has the ability to change your actual physical being. It will give you a great awakening, unlike anything that you have experienced before. The powers that this piece holds are so immense that they have the ability to take the human body and transform it into something entirely new. I'm not saying this piece is a transformation per se. What I am saying is that this piece is transformative in what it has the power to do for you. You will never be the same again. It's as though you will have gone through a metamorphosis to become something that you would have never expected.

A few years ago I gained word of an occurrence that is called the Great Communion. This is not the communion as it pertains to takingcommunionn in church. It has nothing to do with the type of magic. Rather, this communion refers to the communion and assembly of the Great White Light Brotherhood. These are the enlghtened and learned individuals of the Earth. They come from many walks of life, not just one or the other. Some of them are Christians. Some of them are Jews. Others are Kabbalists, others are Muslim, some are Taoist, there are Buddhists involved. Basically, the Great White Light Brotherhood is a society of individuals who have mastered humanity and have shed their mortality to exist as gods in the universe. Jesus is part of the Great White Light Brotherhood. So are Ghandi and the great prophet Mohammed. Solomon is part of the Great Whilte Light Brotherhood, so are the Ba'al Shem and the Great Khufu who ordered the construction of the pyramids. It is a group of people, metna nd women who ave been able to embrace the power of the Cosmic Light to break free from their mortal bodies and exist in their true white light form.

Once a year, the Great White Light Brotherhood convenes in a stellar realm that has been created using the energies of the Orion Belt. In this realm, they open up a portal between their stellar realm and the Cosmic Life. They remain in the realm where they bask in the rays of the Cosmic Life Force, which strengthens their white light abilities and powers as well as grants them new ones. It is during this communion that they are able to create whatever powers they want and need since they are being exposed to direct white light energy from the cosmic lifeforce. It is also during this time that they create a lot of their magical talismans, pendants and such. This is how w got this piece. It is one that was made during the Great White Communion.

When you wear this piece it reacts with your DNA and will give you a transformative power that will bring you the knowledge and enlightenment of the ascended masters and the Great White Light Brotherhood. You don't 'have to be male to use this piece. This piece will work for males and females alike. Like I was saying, when you wear this piece you receive the Great Communion. This brings you the presence of the cosmic life force and the communion of the power that is held within. This will give you an awakening that will take you out of your cocoon, allowing you to join the Ascended Masters and the Great White Light Brotherhood. This will allow you to have full control over the energies of the life force that you will be able to summon and command in order to make new powers and abilities. You don't have to worry about not knowing how to do this or how to embrace the magic that is now going to be yours. Nobody ever does; part of your awakening is being given the wisdom to be able to use your new power when you get them. However, I will say this-- becoming part of the White Light Brotherhood is an extremely rare offering, so if this is your thing then you don't want to wait around on this piece. It's FCFS and once it's gone, I doubt we'll get another one like it.

The piece you are getting is a necklace. It is real and authentic jade and has a butterfly on it. This is symbolic of the fact that you are going to be going through a spiritual cocoon to become something brand new. On the other side of things, you will be a stronger, more powerful, and more aware of the cosmic forces of the universe. This is a truly exciting, truly amazing piece.

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