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Chakra Balancing Incense AND SO MUCH MORE!

These sticks will balance your Chakras while uniting your body, mind, soul and third eye. They will bring you peace and heal any holes or tears in your aura. They will also Soothe any fears in your mind that could be disrupting your Chakras. 
These will also clear any blockages that could be causing stress or illness in Mind or Body. Smaller blockages will disappear immediately and larger ones will disintegrate within the first few weeks of wearing.
Small ones often cause headaches, fatigue or recurring pains in random places. Large blockages can cause diseases and chronic illnesses or even death. If you feel you could have a chakra blockage than don’t hesitate to clear them with one of these. 
These rings start with your Sahasrara or Crown Chakra and then move down to your Ajna ( Third eye Chakra), Vishuddha ( Throat Chakra), Anahata (Heart Chakra), Manipura (Solar plexus Chakra), Svadhisthana (Sacral Chakra), and lastly your Muladhara or Root Chakra.

When the power in these has worked through your entire being and cleaned your chakras and aura you will feel cleansed and awake.
Depending on which one you buy you will also get the benefits of the actual title of the incense.
MONEY- If you buy the one for money which it will say that on the box, you will get the one for money that will bring you wealth along with what the above says.
LOVE- If you buy the one for love you will also get the benefits of love, finding a mate, getting along with the one you already have, etc.
BLESSINGS- buying this one will bring you gifts from the spirit world or gifts that only they can help you with.
CELESTIAL- buying this one will bring to you otherworldly beings for magical purposes. This will help with all the magical abilities you seek.
FORTUNE- buying fortune will do just that, bring it. This can be in the form of luck, business, wealth management, just getting lucky or changing your lot in life.

MIDNIGHT- buying this one if for doing darker rituals and traveling to dark places using astral travel. 
ROMANCE- this one is for when you have a great person but just want to spice it up a bit. This is light-hearted magic that helps to bring out the best in any relationship. This is a great combo for the love incense.
SUNRISE- this one is for heavenly orgasms.
RAIN FOREST- this one is for conjuring and opening the door to all woodland creatures, fae, nymphs, Queen fairy, gnomes, etc.
PATCHOULI FOREST- buying this one conjures for you spirits of power and strength, the bull, muscle knockers which also do wealth, Norse Gods, spirits of that nature.
ROSE- buying this one is for the communication with any type of vampire spirit and in the calling of them.
MEDITATION- this one is just what it says, meditation skills!!! You got skills!
PRANA- buying this one will kick the ass of the Kundalini either out or into shape depending on what your body and sool needs.
EGYPTIAN JASMINE-  This one takes you to the astral realm of the Egyptians magical ritual rooms. You will see full body conjurings and DNA changes, body modification and shapeshifting among other magics.

DRAGONS FIRE-  This one is for protection and keeping your enemies at a standstill. There no bounce back for them or you but it acts as a shield or full protection.
ARABIAN MUSK- this one is just for business dealings.
MUSK-  this one is for the men, charm, getting rid of shyness and sexual power.
POSITIVE VIBES- this is just what it says and brings you positive energy and alters the negative energy around you and others.
TANTRA- this one is for Tantric sex. If you don't know what that is you should look it up.
BUDDHAS BLESSING- You will not need to make any offering to get this one to work, the blessings are infinite. This one calls to a higher and most enlightened power to grant what you need.
AURA CLEANSING- This one will do exactly as the title says.
PYRAMIDS- When you buy this one you are opening doors to magic from other dimensions. This uses all the sacred energy from the alignment of all pyramids on the planet. Each Pyramid holds its own special magic of which you will be able to use.
CHAKRA-  when you buy this one you are heavy hit with attunement.
KARMA- when buying this one you clear your own and can send bad karma to where it belongs if someone did you wrong. Did someone screw you over? Light your stick!
REIKI- Light this one when you are doing your sessions.
SPIRITUAL HEALING- This one heals not only what has gone wrong in this life but starts where you should, in your past life. Most issues in this life stem from the past. Let's get it right the first time.
ASTROLOGICAL- This one will increase the positive aspects and get rid of the negative aspects of your sign.
These are just some of the pictures, the rest will be on ebay. You will get four sticks and you must pay shipping unless you pay something else.
Other ones are just what they say on the box.

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