The Grecian Temple's 3rd Degree Masonic Blood Rite Ring
The Grecian Temple's 3rd Degree Masonic Blood Rite Ring

The Grecian Temple's 3rd Degree Masonic Blood Rite Ring

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This next piece comes to us compliments of the Andaz Hotel in London. I'm not saying that they handed the piece over to us. In fact, we didn't even get this piece in London. We got this piece at the Underground auction, it just happens to be that there is a history behind the piece that needs to be told in order for you to really understand the power that it has to offer.

The Andaz Hotel wasn't always known by its present-day name. In fact, these days the hotel is owned by the Hyatt Group, being bought from a developer that saw hope in an abandoned mansion collecting dust. It was the former Great Eastern Hotel, one of the first railway hotel's to ever be built in London, built adjacent to the Liverpool Street Station.

Such hotels were common in those days, as people relished in the ability to travel by rail. It invited nobility and swank guests, but the most opulent part of the hotel wasn't even the facade that it offered those who could afford to lodge there. In fact, it was what couldn't be seen that was the poshest offering of the hotel, albeit the most secretive.

Like I said, times change. Cars soon replaced trains and as more and more people were able to afford vehicles, train stations and their hotels began to fall from their place at the top of the transportation totem pole. Tourism began to pick up and other hotels quickly overtook the rail hotels that used to be the most convenient form of lodging for train passengers. This is how the Great Easter Hotel suffered its demise. However, when a developer decided that the hotel could offer something more than sitting to rot, he quickly realized that the blueprints didn't add up.

Rather, it was discovered that amidst the building was a secret chamber. This chamber wasn't just your average run of the mill concourse. Rather, it was a sprawling, very elaborately decorated Masonic Temple. With the fall of the Great Eastern Hotel came a need for the Masonic Temple to be relocated. However, the remains of the prior Temple remained and were forgotten about, almost like a very powerful time capsule. It was called the Grecian Temple.

It was from the Grecian Temple that this piece was originally acquired. It was hidden in one of the secret compartments that can be found throughout the Temple. cannot say for sure who was responsible for the discovery. I just know that the discovery took place and that it came along with a very detailed journal the annotated the past events of the chamber. This journal is known, at least to us, as the Masonic Guide Book.

We have used this book in conjunction with the ring and we have been able to use this ring to travel back in time to observe some of the Masonic Rites that went on in the Chamber. These goings-on contained one ritual that we were specifically floored to be able to see first hand and that was the rite of passage of the 3rd Mason. Now, I know it might not make any conventional sense, but a 3rd Degree Mason is one that is even more powerful than a 33rd Degree Mason.

The 3rd Degree is the heart of the whole Masonic organization. Becoming a true 3rd Degree Mason (versus paying for the ability to say that you are one), involves much more than any of the other degrees. This is because, in the 3rd Degree, you are receiving the truths and the knowledge of the Masonic Society. They are truths and knowledge upon which the Masonic Fraternity was founded. This is the ability to transcend from the human form and the ability to become like a deity on Earth. This transcendence is finalized by a blood rite through which a human is sacrificed and the 3rd Degree Initiate is baptized in this blood. It is called Blood Baptism and Rebirth. The reason that it is called this is that the sacrifice must be an elder 3rd Degree Mason who is old and is about to die. Thus, the powers and the knowledge that is held by the Elder 3rd Degree is passed onto the new initiate. In this way, they are born into knowledge.

The hidden knowledge of the 3rd Degree Mason includes the knowledge of all magic of the world. This includes the same Egyptian Magic that was given to the Bavarian Illuminati. It is the knowledge of all magic that exists on Earth. It is inclusive of every type, kind, and culture of magic. It doesn't matter whether it is the magic of the ancient Norse Vikings or the Magic of the Mayans or the Magic of the Asian Scribes. Whatever magic has been performed on Earth and is practiced on Earth will become the knowledge of a 3rd Degree Mason. This is why they are so powerful and this is what the Grecian Temple inside of the Great Eastern Hotel was used for. The Masonic compass is even still very noticeable on the ceiling of the Temple, to guide the Masons in their Blood Rites.

Again, this ring was found in the secret compartments of the Grecian Temple. It is an original 3rd Degree Mason Ring. I can't quite say why it was left behind or how the underground auction got their hands on it. However, when you wear this piece, you gain all the knowledge of a 3rd Degree Mason. This means you not only gain the knowledge of all the magic on Earth, but you also will gain the ability and knowledge of how to use that magic. A 3rd Degree Mason Ring is seriously one of the most coveted relics in the world, simply because of their ability to know all magic. This is what you are getting. It is the ability to become all-powerful and all-knowing. You do not want to pass this opportunity up!

As a sidebar, the Masons enjoyed such wealth that this piece was created with solid gold as if the powers that it held weren't enough!!  

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