The Green and Red Societies, the Ageless, and the 5 Immortals
The Green and Red Societies, the Ageless, and the 5 Immortals
The Green and Red Societies, the Ageless, and the 5 Immortals
The Green and Red Societies, the Ageless, and the 5 Immortals
The Green and Red Societies, the Ageless, and the 5 Immortals

The Green and Red Societies, the Ageless, and the 5 Immortals

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This piece is vintage with a real jade handle and realm gemstones on the back of it. It has an agate and a tiger's eyes on the back among others. It holds extremely powerful magic and was originally the possession of a Chinese secret society called the Green and the Red societies. In terms of powers, they are right up there with the Illuminati.

In fact, there has recently been a power struggle between the two groups. As you know, the Illuminati has been in powers since ancient times. The Green and the Red Societies (which sound like two, but are actually a single society) have been in power, growing in Asia since about the 1650s. They had a heavy hand in the dynasties that have taken power since then and had a heavy hand in the Boxer Rebellion.

In Asia, their power has been unparalleled for centuries. In modern times, their magic has grown at such a rate that they now have enough power to go up against the Illuminati in an all-out war for power and control of the Earth. They have been doing battle with some of the world's most powerful relics. Magically warfare is a very cut throat and precise game. They had to have the most powerful items if they ever wanted a chance at the Illuminati's grasp of control.

While the Illuminati has the powers that they harness from the Egyptian pyramids, the Chinese secret society has their own pyramid. Remember the all-white crystal pyramid that actually changes position, even sometimes being found in space? Well, they have managed to gain the powers of this pyramid, which is where the gemstones that have been set in place into this item have been found.

Each gemstone contains a very powerful, powerful entity. The jade handle is what registers your mortal energy and turns it into something immortal that will summon the immortals that have been set into this piece. You will then be able to call upon the 5 immortals beings who have been set into this piece. These stones were originally created by immortal Chinese sorcerers who drew their energy from the pyramid to create powers of their own. This is why the stones were stored in the pyramid in the first place.

The white stone in this looking glass summons God in the form of Jesus. The Western hemisphere sees Jesus as the son of God and the savior of humanity. The Far East sees him as a very powerful prophet who was able to summon very powerful magic in order to perform miracles. Either way, you look at him, there is no debating that his ability to perform miracles, create plagues, call out angels by name, and cast all evil simply by saying a few words. These things all happened. When using this piece, it summons forth Jesus, you will see his face and look into his eyes. He will give you spiritual atonement and he will grant you his powers.

The Tiger Eye summons forth the Egyptian Goddess Isis. She is the ancient goddess of Egyptian magic. It is from this same Egyptian magic that the Illumanit has developed all of their own magic and powerful abilities. The goddess will be able to give you a complete knowledge of all Egyptian magic from the beginning of times. There is nothing better than knowing the enemy. This is why she was summoned into this piece. When you use this piece, you can call out to Isis by name. She will show herself to you and gaze into your eyes to develop a psychic connection, through which she will show you the entirety of her powers.

The Blue gem on the looking glass has summoned Gaia, who is the Mother Goddess of the Earth. If you are going to be doing warfare, it is good to have the goddess of that planet on your side. Gaia is the personification and embodiment of all things considered natural and elemental magic. She will allow you to embrace the natural energies that exist around you to create your own magic and powers. She will also give you the ability to control the elements around you-- water, wind, fire, and earth. When using this piece, you can call upon Gaia. She will show herself and speak a spell into your mind that will give a direct connection to her and her natural and elemental abilities and powers.

The orange stone alls upon Mars, the Roman God of War. When invoking Mars, you invoke the spiritual energy of thousands of dead souls, who have gone to be with Mars in the eternal realms. These souls will come to you and bolster your own spirit. They will renew you and rejuvenate you. They will give you fearlessness and courage. They will increase your energy and your motivation. Most of all they will fight alongside you in the astral realms. They protect you on the astral realms by crushing all evil and darkness that encroaches upon you.

You can also cast them upon a physical target. The souls will enter the brain of your target, causing confusion dementia. It will allow you to enter their brain, to know their thoughts, to see what they see and to know what they know. You will then be able to either control the mind of that person, create new images and memories for them, or both. Mars will appear to you in the looking glass when you call upon him. He will show you visions of those who plot against you and those you cannot trust. He will also show you visions of your closest allies and the people who are loyal and would fight with you until the end. 

The Green stone summons the ancient Sumerian god Anu, who is the divine personification of the sky. He is the supreme God, the ancestor of all other gods. He is the source of all magical authority and holds the knowledge of all magic. He is described as the one "who contains the entire universe". He is the one who facilitates the magic that has been set into this piece. When you use this piece to call upon Enki, you can ask him the secrets of any magic. As you peer into the mirror he will show you the power that you have asked for. He will explain the magic to you and then he will transfer the energy into you via the jade handle that you hold. You will feel a warmth as the magic is transferred from Enki in this piece, to you. He is extremely powerful and has the ability to show you every power that you ask for.

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