The Grenville Jewel
The Grenville Jewel

The Grenville Jewel

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This piece holds the power of the Grenville Jewel.  If you want to know the history of the Grenville Jewel, I would suggest that you do some research.  The "lite" version of the story is that Queen Victoria petitioned the owner of the Grenville Jewel to sell it for a very low amount to a member of the Rothschild family.  While this might seem normal to some, it is actually quite abnormal that queen to intervene in such a matter.  However, she did and the jewel was sold.  
So, why was the jewel-- a locket-- so important?  It was important because it held a magic that allowed the picture of whoever was in the locket to control the flow of the Cosmic Lifeforce.  In other words, whoever is pictured in this locket gained the ability to use the magic of the universe to create their own powers and magic.  It was just one of the many forms of magic that the Royalists coveted and just one of the many powers that have allowed them to stay in power.  Democracy?  I beg to differ.  It is a show to let people think they have power while the shadow government controls what really goes on.  Just like in America.  
Either way, this piece has siphoned some of the powers of the Grenville Jewel into it, so it allows the person who wears it to be able to control the flow of the Cosmic Life Force and to create their own magic.  That is why this piece was so coveted and that is what it will do for you once you wear this piece to bond with the energies within.  
This ring is vintage and sterling silver. The reason this holds those powers is that they were together in one box. They were together for a long time and it is thought that it absorbed some of the power. This was not created but is the original and naturally occurring.
This ring can be used to control people, places and things. I should call it the noun ring. This is an entire change of life only limited by your imagination and logic.

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