The guardian of heavenly secrets
The guardian of heavenly secrets

The guardian of heavenly secrets

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Metatron is said to guard all the secrets of Heaven and the deeds both good and bad of humans. Metatron is basically the king of all angels. 
When people say they have an angel it is really that the vessel they have acts as a landing point when you need them. This is the exact same thing. You can't contain an angel because of how powerful they are.
With Metatron however, if you were to ask the right questions you could. The angels are in service to us and it tells us in the bible that we shall judge them, not the other way around.
This piece is a what we call a boxed spell. This means that the power and granting you need is set or boxed in. We do that a lot with spirits that are dark. We box the power they have so only good can be done unless it is a spirit in which that goes against its nature. While demons are inherently dark at one time they were pure white light so the power to box them still exists.
There was a time quite some years ago that I asked to change the nature of a certain spirit of perdition. I will never forget that night. In an instant, I heard the loudest voice of which I couldn't tell if it was male or female but had the energy of a male. The voice told me never, ever to ask for or think of that again. It was then at that time that I knew there was evil that was incomprehensible to the human mind. While we all know there is evil out there we can avoid if we try hard enough and don't allow our minds to drift in that direction. A good case of pure evil was just in the news recently. A 14-year-old girl was murdered by her adopted mother in Pa. The details of the crime were so debasing that it is hard to comprehend. The murder, rape, and torture were horrible enough but the words the mother said to her were even worse. At one point she said to her, "this is your life now". Of course, she didn't get to live but the evil was there, even present in the courtroom where the mother laughed and smirked.
While we do indeed have evil we also have the greatest of good. This piece will remove, and help you get the life you need. This is what I would call a true miracle piece. SOme pieces do great things but this one does do miracles.
I want to be clear on what a miracle is and I feel I need to. I had a woman order a miracle service and what she wanted was undeliverable. I need to email her and let her know this. What she wanted didn't come under the definition of a miracle but more so a crazy want. A real miracle is something you truly need or a situation that is terrible you want gone or fixed. A miracle is when you are dying and all of a sudden are not. Real miracles are not creating creatures or shapeshifting. If you are in a hard spot with your finances that comes under a miracle when there is no other way out. A miracle is a sickness you can't get rid of but miraculously it is gone. It is things that only can be done with heavenly help.
This piece is that miracle worker because Metatron uses the secrets of the Heavens to produce them for you. I personally know what this secret is because I flat out asked. You can do the same.
This piece is your landing point for Metatron, the great scribe and keeper of secrets.
This piece is sterling silver and has rainbow moonstone, Amethyst, pearls and it seems Sapphire in it. This is about 2 and a half inches long. 

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