The Halls of Annaeus
The Halls of Annaeus
The Halls of Annaeus

The Halls of Annaeus

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There is always more to life than meets the eye. Sometimes mortals get hung up on physical existence, forgetting that physical existence is only part of our lives. Physical existence only represents a small fragment of what we will experience, in our entire existence. If there I one thing that we can all agree on, it is that the existence of humanity is certainly a mystery. What isn’t as well known is that even when you are in your mortal form, you experience other forms of existence. You just have to know-how.  



This magical piece is one that also comes from the Shadow Masons. It is an original Masonic piece and has been forged from the finest silver. The piece is, in fact, sterling silver and nearest Masonic symbolism. It holds powers that were left behind by a philosopher and author whose life was pretty tragic, despite the fact that he has left behind works that have been considered timeless classics. I’m talking about one Lucius Annaeus Seneca, many times referred to as Seneca the Younger. He was a Roman academic and advisor to Emperor Nero. We wish not to examine him by his contributions to society and academics, but rather to distinguish between his professional life and his love for the metaphysical. Ergo, we will be referring to him as Annaeus.  



Here’s the thing- Annaeus was kind of a manwhore. When the emperor found out that he was having an adulterous affair with his niece Julia, he exiled Annaeus to the island of Corsica. While there not only did Annaeus write some of his most famous works, he also developed a very powerful form of magic While he was a fantastic writer, we are more concerned about his magic. Despite the act that it was never recorded in history, Annaeus had a knack for magic.  



While stranded on the Corsican island for 8 years, he developed a sort of quantum magic that allowed him to burrow in time. We call it that because it is literally what he was doing. He started with Corsica being the center of his created map of existence. He uses his magic to travel in time to places of interest. You might be thinking to yourself, “well this guy was old, so where could he have possibly traveled?” I’ll tell you. He traveled to place like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Atlantis, Lemuria, Sumer, Egypt, even the ancient Americas and the civilizations that existed in prehistory times.  



All the while he was creating a reality for himself that he’d be able to escape to, only because he feared that his days on Corsica were numbered. In one sense he was right, but h was not put to death. Instead, he was reinstated to Rome proper and assuage o be the tutor of you Nero. Nero would later go on to become the Roman Emperor. For the first five years, Nero’s rule was successful and stable. However, soon people began plotting against him and there was an assassination attempt. It was said that Annaeus was part of the plot. Long story short, Annaeus was forced to end his own life in a very public manner. It is said to be one of the most peaceful and stately deaths recorded-- so much so that his death was a popular subject for many paintings and other works of art.  



Why was his death so peaceful? Because Annaeus knew that he had created a reality for himself-- an alternate plane of existence where he could peacefully exist, where he could continue learning and experience life, simply through using quantum physics to travel there. Eight years of solitude could drive a person mad. Annaeus overcame the madness and studied the stars. He learned how to harness energies and magic and developed a network of realities that are all tied together despite their differences in time and location from one another.  



The piece that we are offering is one that was perfected by the Shadow Masons. This piece is the centrifuge of Annaeus’ realities. It is the driving quantum force that allowed him to split reality into multiple realities that can be experienced on the spiritual level. In taking his own life he has transcended into his own halls of reality and enjoys living in the pockets of time that he has created for himself. In this network, he remains spiritually immortal. He does not have to pass over into the next form of existence. He continues to build new pathways for his network of realities that lead to new places.  



When using this piece you will be able to leave your body in astral form and travel through what we are calling the Halls of Annaeus. There are many Halls of Annaeus that lead to many different places. Like I said, in his day, he burrowed to times that were considered ancient. However, since then, he has created pathways to other points in time as they also became considered archaic. For instance, the Crucifixion of Christ, the beheading of Mari Antoinette, both Masonic Continental Congresses, meetings an Bohemian Grove, and other places in history that carry power and magic that can be acquired by anyone using his network of realities to travel.   



If there is a reality that you’d like to travel to that you cannot find, no worries-- you can create it simply by thinking it into existence. Annaeus has perfected the power of his network so much that new realities can be traveled to simply by thinking of them. This piece will also hold the magic and the power that you discovered along the way while traveling the Halls of Annaeus.  





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