The Hand of God
The Hand of God

The Hand of God

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What I'm about to tell you was not talked about in great measure in the Bible, because it is one of the many mysteries of man. I can tell you from experience that there are many things in the Bible that are important but that have not caught wind in the mainstream. This is not because these passings are not significant. It is merely because the human mind and consciousness are not ready to comprehend them. They are gifts that God bestows upon humankind that he reserves for those who are enlightened enough to receive them. You see, the Bible is not simply a collection of books to be written for moral code and spiritual character. It is a grand puzzle that has been pieced together that can lead you to eternal bliss. Through solving these puzzles, you will be able to undergo a complete and total white light ascension that will give you powers that put you on par with the most powerful of archangels. It is the ability to have uninhibited access to God's knowledge and His power. It is the ability to live outside of the standard human consciousness and recognize that there is more the universe than what we comprehend.

Again, part of what I'm about to tell you was written about in the Bible. I'm not sure of an exact passage. I attempted to look it up but kept on meeting dead ends, which I interpreted as the dark forces attempting to keep me from telling the truth of this piece. They are not going to make me stop, so here it goes. The day prior to his Crucifixion, Jesus was with his disciples on the side of a mountain when he told them to leave him alone. They did as they were told and as Jesus went alone once more to pray to God he sat upon a stump. He called out to God and at that moment his mortality overtook him and he began to sob, "Why Me? Why God? What have I done to deserve such a fate?" I might have gotten a word or two wrong, but that is the general gist of what he was saying. The Bible leaves out the following. At this, the ground began to tremble and from the Earth came a hand. It grew toward the sky and Jesus was no longer sitting on a stump, but he was sitting in the palm of God's hand. God's voice resounded through the mountains like thunder as he told him, "You are my one and only begotten Son. Through you all things are possible. Through the sacrifice of the innocent comes the saving of the sinner. You cannot become salvation by first playing the role of the sinner, which is why you are the most worthy sacrifice, a man without a sin"

In this instant, the Hand of God began to close around Jesus and he was taken from Earth and transported up into the Heavens. When God's hand opened once more, Jesus was facing two magnificent, glorious thrones. One was bigger than the other, but they were both elegant, decorated in gold and precious stones. Around them was a circle of Angels who sang Glory to God in the Highest and Praised Be His Son, the Saver of Man." At this God spoke, telling Jesus, "there are two thrones. One of them is my own. The other is yours, on my right hand. All that you see shall be yours and all that is your shall be Holy. But first, the law of the covenant needs to be signed. You are the contract. You are the one who will right the wrongs doings of man." At that Jesus was once again folded up in the hand of God and when the and opened back up, he was once again on a tree stump in the forest. He stood up with trembling knees, knowing that while he was given free will, he also had an obligation to fulfill. The obligation was bigger than he could have hoped to be in his mortal form, so it was at this point that he was convinced. There are some things that the father knows that neither the Son nor the Holy ghost knows. It is as simple as that, despite what you might have heard.

Now, for those of you wondering what this has to do with a puzzle, I'm going to tell you right now. In the Book of the Great Prophet Isaiah in the 11th Chapter, it is written that “There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit. And the Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD” Although this verse has other implications and can be used in solving other riddles, it is interesting to note that Jesus sitting on a stump and "sprouting forth" to Heaven it the literally embodiment of this passage. Why? Because David came from Jesse, and Jesus belongs to the bloodline of David. Therefore, Jesus belongs to the bloodline of Jessee. This verse was about Jesus being the shoot that comes up to save humanity. Again, he was sitting in the stump when God showed him his vision. There are many parallels, but there's something more.

When analyzing the texts of this verse and using white light magic to see through the message, to see the words in holy pentameter, the verse gives the precise location of the stump that Jesus sat upon when the Hand of God closed around him. We are not the first that have been able to interpret this passage for what it is worth. It has been done once more in the history of mankind that we know of, maybe more, but at least once. It was done by members of the Priory of Scion. On their hunt for the Holy Grail, they have come across many religious artifacts, the stump being one of them. They are the ones that are responsible for the harvesting of the stump. Ironically (and appropriately), the stump was used to build a chair. This chair was built and used by the priory in France after the discovery of the stump. This chair has since been relocated to New Orleans. Why New Orleans? I mean, why not New Orleans? Voodoo, Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, etc. Those are some pretty decent reasons why. It is a place where the priory could send the chair where its claims to magic would be looked at as abnormal because everyone claims everything to be magic in New Orleans whether it is or isn't. It fit right in and nobody even batted a brow. It's a good place to hide something in plain sight if you know what I mean. How do I know all this? Well, that should be the simple part. We sat in it during one our trips to New Orleans. It's been so many years now that I don't remember the name of the place, but this chair was in their showroom and they were more than willing to have people sit in it. Of course, for most people the chair did nothing.

When Deedee sat in the chair, it precipitated a full-on psychic vision. Vision isn't even the word. It was more like a psychic experience from the way she described it. She told us that she was able to back in time and sit upon the stump as Jesus did. She said that during her vision it was as if she became Jesus and she saw all that he would've seen. At the end of her vision, after she had experienced everything that Jesus had experienced that day, she said Jesus turned to her. With eyes of sparkling blue, he looked upon her, never breaking the gaze. She said she had no control over her body, but felt her arm come up and her hand open. She said he them placed this wood chip inside of her hand and then her palm was close. Nobody said anything to her the entire time, as if she was there but she wasn't there. She said it was just a weird experience, altogether. Not a word was spoken and as Jesus turned away from her she came out of her psychic entrancement. In her pocket where the wood piece should have been located, she found this piece instead.  This piece is the Hand of God.  This piece has been made from the wood of the stump upon which Jesus was guided by the Hand of God.  With the Hand of God, your life will be guided in all things magic and knowledge, but more on that later.  At this point, it all made sense. The wood chip was a piece of the same tree and it was being given to Deedee. Was she chosen to deliver the message? Well, that's what we took it as, so that's why we are offering it on the website.

IF this was given to her why are we charging for it? Well, that's simple. During her vision, there was a telepathic connection between her and God. During this time he showed her how much to charge for the item. It has something to do with sacred numerology. If somebody who is wealthy has been chosen for the piece, we are being blessed for our part in delivering it. If somebody who is no wealthy is chosen for this piece, he will bless them with the wealth to be able to purchase the item, which in turn blesses us. Either way, it is an overall great piece and a great approach. Now, let's stop with these mundane details and get to the details of what this piece can do for you!!

This piece is the hand of God. When using this piece the Hand of God will come down from Heaven and wrap itself around you. This will give you the ascension that I was talking about earlier. with this ascension, you gain the complete and total wisdom of God. You will control the universe. You will command the angels. You will be able to see the world as it existed before God placed humans and animals on it. You will be able to retrace the steps of history in humankind. You will be able to know all secrets and to you know the thoughts of all people. You will gain universal knowledge and the knowledge of the Tree of Life. You will be able to take a spot, even if it temporary, at the seat on the right hand of God, so you can see the universe through his eyes and see the magic and the powers that reside within. You will be able to create unlimited miracles and to know every person and entity by name. This piece gives you the knowledge to know all the secrets such as the Holy of Holies, the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant and many more. It is literally as if you have become God in the flesh on Earth. It is an exhilarating and exciting piece and it breathes knowledge the magic into your life. If this piece doesn't have the magic you are looking for, it certainly knows how to create it. The thing of it is since this magic is at the authority of God, it is dual magic, not white light. This is because it is raw magic that God uses, not his own that he created. He chooses to use it for white light purposes. You can use it however you see fit.

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