The Hidden Department of Notions: Anti-Deceit
The Hidden Department of Notions: Anti-Deceit

The Hidden Department of Notions: Anti-Deceit

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Ages ago and a little after the Great Depression there were stores called Notion departments. If you have a great grandmother or even an old grandmother they may remember these places. This was a store were you could go and buy thread, cloth, buttons and anything related to sewing.

Now just like today and in the age of reason people have all different beliefs. Some are into Wicca some are Christian and many others are all different things. Basically it was just like today but things were kept much, much quieter.

On a little known alley way in the deep in NYC the practice of the occult was in high practice.  The things we don't know today were not forgotten to one lost family. This family worked around the clock for those like them, those into the paranormal and the occult. Their last name was Smith. Yes it is a common name but what they did was anything but common.

Inside the shop which seemed to appear only at the beginning of dusk you could find all sorts of things,related to sewing. While many people found their way in some found exactly what they were looking for, those in the know. A special code word was used to open up the back room which was filled with flying silver fish. At least that is how people described the spirits that resided there. Opening the door was like walking into a room where silver glitter was thrown into the air. That is how many spirits filled that room. The other thing that filled that room was tons and tons of buttons. Each one was designed for beauty, creativity and supreme power. They were also created so no one would notice them other then to say how original. They were not jewelry that could be stolen and could be worn anywhere, on a coat, on the inside of a jacket or just carried around.

Here you will find many of the ones my grandmother collected. Below you will find the description and what they do.  They are extremely powerful in what they do that is why each of them only hold one power.  Again, below you will find a description of what they do.  Some of them look exactly the same and are listed with a multiple quantity, but may be different is size or color.  This is because they hold the exact same power.  If there multiples you will receive the one that we pick out for you.

This mask holds the voice of truth. It extends an ear upon whatever room it is placed in, from which it listens to all places within the household, whether or not you are present, and gathers truths. Any lies that someone attempts to tell, the mask will instead repeated it in the form of truths, revealing to you the true meaning and intentions of those you interact with or those who discuss anything at all in your home. This item can also be used outside of your home if you wish for the power to apply to anyone who interacts with you - you will not hear any of their lies, only their truths.

This is one in a series of masks we have, which were made by a powerful Stregheria. They are all, one way or another, instilled with a form of wealth that brings fortune and good luck.


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