The High Queen of the Purple Meadow, Fairies of Rare
The High Queen of the Purple Meadow, Fairies of Rare
The High Queen of the Purple Meadow, Fairies of Rare

The High Queen of the Purple Meadow, Fairies of Rare

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The High Queen of the Purple Meadow

Have you ever seen a person disappear in front of you? Not like they left the room fast or you looked away and when you looked back they were gone. No. This was completely different.

My friend Matt and I were always together. We had a bond like no other. If you were to see us you would think we were a couple but instead, we were just that close. During the summer we would go to church events together and we were always wandering off to get away from everyone else. Playing in the creeks, hiding in empty classrooms, exploring the college hallways. We always found something to do. One Sunday in the summer we found a path near the church and decided to go for a walk before the service started. The path leads us through the woods and opened up to a field of beautiful purple flowers. There were thousands of them. I went over and smelled one and the sweet aroma was intoxicating. I just couldn't get enough. I looked over to tell Matt to smell one and he already had his face buried in the sea of purple. He looked at me with drunk filled eyes. What a magical place. Then it happens. Matt decided to pick one of the flowers and the moment the stem snapped off he disappeared.

Wait. What just happen? Did I just see what I thought I saw? I didn't want to cause an alarm so I started to look through the flowers. Maybe it was a joke. Matt was always teasing me and playing games. Yes. That's what this was. Another trick to get me scared. He was going to grab my leg or jump up at any moment and yell “Boo!”. But that didn't happen. I looked at my watch. 5:15pm. We had to be back at the church by 6 pm for the service to start. Where could he be? I walked through the flowers and back again so many times I felt my legs were stained purple. At 5:47 pm I was getting ready to head up to the church to find Matt's dad. Just as I passed the broken flower stem Matt appeared. I was wrong. He sure did scare me. But not in any way I was thinking. He was out of breath, shaking, and soaked from sweat. I grabbed him and insisted he tell me every deal of what happened.

It turns out that this meadow is protected by another planet full of fairies. The fairies were purple as well and this meadow was where they came to have their children. Every flower represented a child that was to be born. When Matthew picked the flower he was immediately transported to the planet and placed in front of the grand queen. Not only did he get one heck of a tongue lashing but he was forced to watch over the child whose life was slowly slipping away. Thankfully the child did not die. Matthew just broke off the flower. He did not touch the roots or cause any damage to them. If the child would have died Matt would have had to stay there and face extreme torture for years. 1 year for every year the child was alive. This child was 8 years old so that would have been 8 years of torture and then a horrible and painful death.

Matt was told he was to collect the flower he broke off and turn it into dust. I decided I would help him 1. Because he was my friend and 2. Because I was very curious to see what was going to happen. We first took the flower and pressed it between a couple books. Once the flower was dried we put it in a bowl and ground it into a dust. The dust was then mixed with water from the stream that runs in the woods by the purple meadow. Mixing the dust and water formed a dough like substance. We were to shape it into a ring, bake it, then polish it, and then bake it again.

This ring became a vessel that connected us to the purple fairies. There was no need to do anything because Matt was already bonded to the flower that the ring was created from. Matt was enriched with the energies that were going to be used to kill him if the child did not live. Since the child lived those energies needed to be placed somewhere and that is where the ring came into play. With these energies, Matt was able to control spiritual aspects of his life and others because he physically traveled to this planet and the spirit realm. Because the high queen was able to see Matt's soul and know his true intentions and remorse for what had happened, he was looked upon with respect and was honored by all those on the planet. He was able to learn the secrets of our world and theirs and granted protection from the day our earth will be overtaken by fairies. His life and those he truly loves will be spared and transported to their planet to live the rest of their days in safety. I was granted permission to travel to the planet with Matthew since I was in the meadow the day everything happened. Because I met the high queen and she could see my soul just like she seen Matthew's, I was granted protection and safety as well as my family. The queen took the ring we made and cut a sliver out of it to make a necklace for me.

Matt passed away 3 years ago and I was the only one who ever knew of this ring and the story behind it. I still have the necklace to this day and await the day that I will use it and see Matthew again. I also have the ring. I asked the high queen on a recent visit if I could pass it on to someone deserving. She had me give her my word that the person receiving it would be giving, humble, and kind. If you are interested in this piece, Deedee will let you know if you capable of receiving these powers. After purchasing it, I will take your name and general location to the high queen so it can be personalized for you and your loved ones. Nothing else will need to be done after that. Just make sure it is safe and does not get lost or misplaced.

This ring is sterling silver with a purple stone. When reading this the term planet means a portal to these fairies. That is what they use for some reason and I wanted to give you the most accurate description I could. Other things that the ring passes on are the opening of the third eye and the portal that fairies say we all carry with us. This portal is the "planet" and is really a realm of rare creatures we can't normally see.

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