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I have been alive for many years and I have been many places.  I have seen things that defied the very existence of my eyes.  I guess when you finally go searching for answers is when you get them.  The thing is, being a mere mortal lends the mindset that what you see is what you get.  This simply is not true.  If you want the answers, if you want to know about the things that are truly at work in the universe, you must do a little digging.  Okay, I guess by saying a little digging I mean there really has to be a lot of digging.  It is one of the benefits of becoming an immortal. Suddenly, time no longer makes sense.  You will kind of just shy away from society and remit yourself to the shadows where you belong.  It just does not make sense in the eyes of a mortal.  If you get close to those around you, you're destine only to hurt them.  You wouldn't want that to happen.  It is a bittersweet thing.  I have seen immortals who have completely lost their sense of purpose, but I have always been fighter.  I refuse to give up on purpose.  That is why I have dedicated my immortality to finding answers.  There are so many mysteries in this world that they cannot all be made up by the human mind.  The answers that I seek often come in the form of magical items, relics, talismans, amulets, and all sorts of powerful vessels.  
This item is one that I have held onto for some time.  I am not quite sure why it took me so long to be able to part with this one.  I think it is because it personally involves me.  Yes, of course, I was hot on the trail of some spiritual truth.  My suspicion had caught me dead in the middle of a conspiracy that suggested that the very first temple of King Solomon was in the deserts of Africa, not in Jerusalem.  It made perfect sense to me, given the fact that the Hebrew were originally kept as slaves in Egypt.  When the Pharaoh finally gave them permission to leave, where else would they go.  They would have wondered around the northern part of Africa for some sort of considerable time, especially given the fact that God exiled them from the Promised Land for 40 years.  Moses parted the Red Sea, not the Mediterranean.  After this God's chose people were wanderers.  It's very possible that there were temples built anywhere, especially by Solomon who had this uncanny obsession with majesty.  
Needless to say, I was in hot pursuit of the whereabouts of the First ever Temple of Solomon.  I refuse to believe that it was built in Jerusalem, just given the historical accounts of the Bible alone.  My ideology is not really pertinent to the case, considering the fact that I have this item.  It must mean something, but I will let you be the jury.  I know what I have experienced using this piece and now the time has come for me to provide that experience for somebody else.  I cannot hold on to these powers forever you know.  The nature of magic is cyclic.  In order for magic to keep its power, it needs to see new hands at some point in time.  It is just the nature of magic.  As much as people like to live off magic, these same magic forms live off of us, as well.  It is truthfully just how these things work.  In order to understand, you really just have to be a natural born magician.  
I did not find this piece intentionally.  I was not expecting to find it at all, I was merely on a conquest to find the ruins of the First Temple of Solomon, which I never did find by the way.  I no longer really consider its whereabouts a mystery though, as I maintain that what happened next is more than a testament of power.  As I was searching in the desert on the whim of a few clues that were given to me by locals who carry their own legend, a bright light flashed.  The flash was so bright that I was momentarily blinded.  I lost my sight for about ten minutes.  Those ten minutes were probably the most painstakingly long moments of my life.  It was enough that I was immortal, but I did not intend to be so without my sight.  When my sight came back, there was an entity hovering directly in front of me.  It looked nothing like any of the pictures you would see of Bible characters these days.  The English have bastardized those images.  The people of the Bible were not white.  Sorry, it's just not true.  
Standing in front of me was someone who actually appeared to look like a Pharaoh.  In his hands he held a staff, his hair was woolly.  His eyes glowed a hazel color that really made them look like a golden brown.  I could see the wisdom in his eyes as he stared down at me.  On his head was a covering of some sort and his beard was of tremendous length.  Not a word he spoke.  With a slight motion, he knocked the butt end of his staff against the ground.  As if there was an earthquake the ground shook.  From the ground leapt forth water.  It formed a small pool, in the center was a glass bottle with a silver top.  The entity did not need to instruct me to drink.  He kind of just made me.  He made me fill the bottle with the water from the spring that sprung forth.  I drank from the bottle and suddenly I was no longer in my body.  I was transported to a void realm.  There was energy, but it was totally formless.  I was not sure what it all meant until I saw it begin to take form into what we now know as the Earth.  Whatever was shaping these things together was so immense that I could not even put my eyes upon it.  
I was subsequently taken through the entire chronology of the Bible.  I literally traveled through all of the stories that you will recount from the Bible.  I was there to watch the beguiling of Adam and Eve by the serpent.  I was there to watch the slaying of Abel by his brother Cain.  I watched Moses speak to a burning bush and lead his people from captivity.  Then, I was indeed shown the first temple of Solomon, but I still was not given the knowledge of where this occurred.  I watched the Messiah child being born in a manger.  I watched as he was crucified.  I was taken into the Book of Revelations where I saw, in detail, the meaning to all the scripture held within the pages of the book of end times.  I got to experience the Tree of Knowledge.  I got to experience all the relics in the Cave of Treasures.  I got to experience the Seven Plagues, and the Last supper, the Betrayal of Judas.  I was able to see it all.  I saw into the Ark of the Covenant and I saw the Holy Grail.  I was actually on Noah's Ark.  I know I'm picking out the big things that you will recognize, but the fact of the matter is I got to experience it all.  The difference between what is in the Bible and what actually happened has me in shock.  It really opened my eyes to some of the answers I've always had, but could never put my finger on. 
All along the way, I amassed an amazing arsenal of white light powers.  These powers included everything from the ability to raise the dead, to the ability to inflict plague upon people.  It included the ability to perform baptism of the holy fire, spiritual cleansing, physical and spiritual healing, the ability see into the past and the future, the ability to render destiny into anything I choose it to become, the ability to read the minds of others as God does when he is answer prayers.  I gained the ability birth angels and to name them.  I gained the ability to visit the Tree of Knowledge as often as I wish.  I gained the ability to shift my body into form that I want to take, similar to the way God turned into a burning bush for Moses, or the way Satan turned into the serpent.  I am able to come and go into the Garden of Eden as I please, where I can summon a variety of very powerful angels.  I am allowed to come and go as I please throughout the entirety of the realms of Heaven.  I have the ability to take full angelic form when I am there.  What's more is that any time I wish for something out loud, it translated as a prayer to God and it comes true almost immediately.  
At first, I believed that it had something to do with the water that was sprung forth by the entity.  When I came out of my vision though, he conveyed to me in a psychic message that in order to grant these powers to all, I merely need to refill the bottle with water.  It was not the properties of the water, but the properties of the bottle that transformed the water into the most powerful form of Holy Water that is known to mankind.  It corresponds to God's source of Holy Water that he has kept on reserve in a lake that he built himself in Heaven.  It is called the Lake of Eternity.  Thus, this piece will allow you to become eternal if you want, which is just another way of saying grants you immortality.  You get to choose this one, though.  When you drink from this bottle, the rest will come naturally.  It is very good opportunity to gain all that you've ever wanted. All you have to do is drink. Hopefully you're thirsty!!  


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