The Hungry Djinn:  Thief and Granter of Thrones
The Hungry Djinn:  Thief and Granter of Thrones
The Hungry Djinn:  Thief and Granter of Thrones
The Hungry Djinn:  Thief and Granter of Thrones
The Hungry Djinn:  Thief and Granter of Thrones

The Hungry Djinn: Thief and Granter of Thrones

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Everybody wants to blame John Wilkes Booth, but we now know better. It was a tragedy for our country but what many don’t know is that the evil didn’t stop there. The truth is we still don’t know where is started. I can tell you where our journey into the history of an unknown darkness began. 
It was a typical Monday morning, and I was doing my usual work, scouring for the paranormal oddities all around us, when I received a call from a blocked caller . He sounded scruffy and maybe just a day over a hundred. “ Listen here miss DEEDEE, I don’t want to hear any of your nonsense bout that paranormal stuff but I got something for ya.” I tried to interject here but he cut me off immediately, “ I don’t believe in all your hocus pocus but I’ve held on to these ashes for a long time now and I know there is something wrong with them. I don’t know why my father stole them all those years ago but they have haunted us since, and I’m a god fearing man ya hear me? I’ve sent them to your company address. They are what remains of Clara’s dress. My father says he was there when they broke through the wall. Says he doesn't know why he took some. I know your site says you handle things like this so I’m giving them to ya. They are your problem now.” He hung up without a name. 
At first I had no idea what this crazy old man was talking about so I did a google search, typing in the most basic of what he told me- CLARAS BURNT DRESS. I immediately see links to Clara Harris and her Satin dress she wore the night of Abraham Lincoln’s assignation in 1865. Apparently her son burnt it to ashes in 1910 in Loudonville, New York. 
So Henry Rathbone and Clara Harris were having a double date with Abraham Lincoln and Mary Lincoln they night he was assassinated. They were all seated in the president's private booth in the theater that night and the tragedy that befell Lincoln would not stop there. Clara’s satin dress was soaked with Lincoln’s and Rathbone’s blood, and we have to wonder if somehow the evil that caused this tragedy had followed its next victim from that very booth.
We looked into Clara’s history from that fateful night and in a sad turn of events ended up being the next victim. It seems as though she kept the dress she wore that night. She didn’t know what to do with it so she stashed it in her closet in their home, Loudon cottage in NY. There the dress sat. Many times Clara said she could hear and see Abraham laughing or rocking in the corner chair.
With so many facets of the story it was hard for us to see a clear picture. Wilkes was soon forgotten but Rathbone, now Clara’s husband was still struggling to move on past that night. He had night terrors and mood swings and all sorts of physical ailments. He couldn’t forget the vivid horror of that night. The scar from Wilkes knife still standing to attention on his arm. He suffered from that night until the end of his life.
December 23, 1883, nearly 20 years later Henry Rathbones mind finally snapped from the darkness that had seeped into him. After nearly two decades of suffering off the mind and body he decided to reenact that fateful night in the theater. First shooting his wife and killing her and then moving on to their three children. Fortunately a groundskeeper heard the shot and ran to the house in time to stop him from killing the children. He then decided to end his life with the knife and again he survived. Raged and unfeeling he stabbed himself in the chest six times before being stopped. He spent the rest of his life in an insane asylum. His children shipped off to America to live with Clara’s uncle. 
For a long time the evil that haunted them was quiet. And until we received the ashes of her dress, we thought that was the end. However it continued and we just didn’t know it. 
After receiving the ashes in the mail and touching them for the first time, I immediately had psychic visions of fire. An insane blaze, a mysterious man throwing a cigarette into an old bin in a factory somewhere and people lunging out of the burning building to their deaths. Somehow the burning of Clara’s dress was connected to this massive fire. I saw so many people jump from the building that there must have been a record of this fire somewhere. 
I went with what in knew, Clara’s dress was last seen in Ny, in their family home in Loudonville. So I started looking for fires in New York around the time it was burned by her son. We know that was around 1910.
Finally after searching through multiple fires I came across the fire I saw in my vision. It was a massive industrial fire. Around 146 people burned or fell to their deaths. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire is what it was called. 
As soon as I came across it online I had more visions. Teenage girls burning alive, then women and men jumping from high up windows to escape the blaze. Firefighters struggling to come close enough to attempt to extinguish the blaze because of all the body’s on the sidewalk. Then darkness, a mans face emerged and he stared at me while he smoked his cigarette. He took it out of his mouth, looked at it then flicked it into a bin of some sorts. Then he was gone, and the fire erupted from the bin. Then darkness again. 
A new vision emerges from the darkness, a girl locking the doors from the outside wearing what could only be described as a sinister smile. She looks in her pocket and I can see twenty dollars there that she tucked away. A lot of money for a young girl to carry around. She walked away and disappeared.
Then the last vision that put it all together. Out of the darkness appear two men, their accents sounded Russian and one of them had a dark presence about him- the same one that was smoking a cigarette in another vision. They were arguing about their company going under. The one named Max was enraged and said he wanted to take care of their issue. He had this horrible darkness surrounding him. Not a demon but very dark.  
When they disappeared Clara herself appeared to me. She looked me in the eyes and smiled. She looked down at the ashes and simply said, “ I know not where the evil came from but my child released it when he burnt my gown. I tried to hide it but it called to him. You must cleanse this evil. If you don’t the next to be affected might be your family since it has been brought to you.” She disappeared and I acted quickly. I suddenly felt a sense of danger and an urge to destroy this evil, that obviously couldn’t be burnt anymore than it had been.
 I called a few friends that don’t want their names involved and we worked a psychic circle and dove into the ashes. We discovered an extremely powerful entity, one that was dual power. Somewhere along the line it has been turned bad and caused death and destruction from there on. The more deaths it stole the longer it slumbered. The witch with us pulled him from his slumber and demanded his name. He was furious but her magic kept him trapped and a slave to her will. He yelled into her face, “ I am the great Djinn Zagan! I steal thrones and I am my own master!” She knew better than this and she cleaned his soul from the darkness somebody has forced on him. When he awoke he agreed to service us for restoring him. we asked if we could bind him to something of his choosing, he agreed and proceeded to pick something that represented him.

This Djinn is called Zagan. He claims to have helped King Solomon gain his throne when he was still good. He is very powerful and can grant wishes, and do physical work for you. He will bring you power, wealth and great prosperity. Zagan is at your personal disposal and can meet any of your needs.

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