The Illuminati Tellers
The Illuminati Tellers
The Illuminati Tellers
The Illuminati Tellers
The Illuminati Tellers

The Illuminati Tellers

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The other day I wrote up a description that told an account of what went on at Marie Helene de Rothschild's 1972 Illuminati Gala.  A lot of notable celebrities and dignitaries were there.  Some of these people were there just to graze the surface so that way they'd feel like they were involved.  Then, there were some who were in it deep, like the deep state, and they stuck around for the after-hours part that involved Satanic rituals and the summoning of demons.  There was one particular demon called the Door Keeper who was summoned in a blood ritual that performed by Marie Helen de Rothschild, her husband, and three of their closest Illuminati alliances.  I won't get into names, because they are not that important.  What's important is they five of them summoned this demon together and the result was more than just a piece for wealth, like it was the other day.  The result is something much more powerful.
They called upon the Door Keeper, to recite the ancient rite of passage that allowed them to slip into an altered state of consciousness.  This wasn't really a heightened state of awareness, more of a parallel state of awareness, in which they were able to see a multitude a multitude of darkness and despair in this parallel dimension that exists adjacent to our own, but which occupies the same space.  It is the place where evil goes to in the afterlife.  Some might call it hell, but I would call more or less a realm of nothingness.  It is void of any type of light and any type of hope at all, whatsoever.  
In fact, the only hope that these miserable, rotten creatures hold onto is the hope that maybe someday they will be given some sage advice from the Tellers, but that is unlikely because the Tellers are very deceitful spirits in and of themselves.   The Tellers?  They are a group of spirits that exist in between the realms.  They don't quite live in the realm of the living, but they don't quite live in the realm of the deceased either.
When in their mortal lives the tellers were very dark witches, relying on Satan for their powers.  They double-crossed him and created a realm between the land of the living and the dead.  Upon their death, they cheated being recalled to Hell where they belong and they live in a permanent Limbo between the two realms.  They can use their heads to peer into both realms, to see what it going on and to communicate with the beings that exist there.  
From the demon the conjured, each of the partygoers, there were five in total, was given one full vial of blood with no instructions on how to use it or when it would come in handy.  The demon, which smelled of foul rotten eggs and was a mere wisp of dust, darkness, and forgotten hope, carried the partygoers away with a single sweep of the arm.  The partygoers were confused as they were led down a dank corridor that smelled even worse than anything that you've ever had the displeasure of smelling.  They went down, down, down and the only light they had to light the way was the torches that hung from the wall every so often.  
At the end of the corridor stood a large wooden door carved with the initials of thousands of individuals who have opened it before.  Of course, these are all the initials of the dead who have tried and failed.  The Scarlet handles didn't turn to open, but as each of the guests touched the handle, they were sucked to the other side.
On the other side, they were greeted by a grisly view of about a dozen heads (just the heads) protruding from the walls and the ceiling like cabbages or brussels sprouts.  They were all kinds of heads.  Some were male, some were female.  They had long hair and short.  They spoke unanimously and it was hard to understand what each one saying individually.  Some of them had bulbous noses or beady little eyes.  They were all opaque in color and you could see the blood squirting through their brains.  Their speech was a deafening roar that filled the whole room to the point where the guests couldn't even hear themselves think.  
This is the realm of the Tellers.  They are ancient demon-human hybrid creatures.  They are the ones that exist between the living and the dead.  They hold all the knowledge of the world because they see everything.  You can ask them anything you want, but you won't likely get a reasonable answer.  They will trick you with their sarcastic tones and lies.  It is enough to drive even the scariest soul in Hell mad because there is nothing that you can do to combat them.  
If you go after them, their heads pop back into their holes and you will question if they were ever there in the first place.  When you begin to think that you were seeing things, they will pop back out at you one by one, insulting you and telling you the worst parts of your life that only you would know.  "Your mother never loved you!"  "You were never good enough for your father!"  "You crashed the car and killed your brother!"  They know what gets under your skin and they want nothing more than to break you down and make you weak.  Then, they will feast on the energy of your soul, sopping it up like spaghetti sauce and Italian bread.  It makes them stronger.  They literally are the most miserable creatures that you could happen upon, but they are also very knowledgeable.  They hold the entire knowledge of the world-- past and present-- in their minds.  
There is one way to entice them to get them to tell you the truth.  Their one weakness is human blood.  Seeing as though the spirits that reside in the dark realm of nothing don't have blood, because they are spirits, they don't have blood to wager with.  This is why the demon had to give the guests each a vial of blood.  It was to offer to the Tellers, to get them to tell the truth.  The Tellers crave human blood because it is the sustenance of knowledge.  It intoxicates them and when they are intoxicated they are impressionable.  There is a spell that can be recited that requires the Tellers to tell bear no false witness.  The only time they will stick around long enough to hear it is when they are blood drunk.  They also have the ability to grant powers and wishes to those who ask them.
It was evident at this point that the reason for the blood was to feed that Tellers, so the guests fed them one by one, each one asking the Teller to give them the information that they wanted.  One of them wanted to be able to communicate with her dead mother.  Another one wanted to be able to travel in time.  Another wanted to be able to perform blood sorcery, and yet another wanted all the knowledge in the capstone of the Egyptian pyramids.  The information and the powers that the Tellers were able to grant for this group were endless and astounding.  Nobody left wanting anything.  
As the host of the party, Marie Helene de Rothschild was given this pin.  In this pin, there is the face of a Teller.  That's because this piece is spirited and holds the presence of one of the Tellers.  This Teller has been summoned from its holding realm and now occupies this piece.   To use this piece you will need to place a drop of your own blood into the mouth of the face that you see in the pin.  I know we have some pieces where you can use blood or saliva, but with this piece, it has to be blood because the blood is what activates the connection between you and the Teller.  When you feed the Teller your blood, it will be able to speak to you and you to it.  It will automatically appear to you in an intoxicated from.  You will not need to read a spell as the demon did for the guests when they entered the realm of the Tellers.  This piece holds an energy that already has the spell cast into it.  You simply need to feed it your blood.  
When you feed this piece in your blood, you will then wear it.  The head of the Teller will appear to you and you can as kit any bit of information you want to know.  The Teller will take you there and will show you the truth and the answer.  You can literally use this piece to gain the knowledge of anything that you want-- literally anything.  If you want to know the secrets of the pyramids and the Sphinx they will be revealed to you.  
If you want to know if there are aliens or you want to know alien magic, this piece will show you.  If you want to be able to shape-shift, this piece will show you.  If you want sanguine vampire magic, this piece will show you.  You can also ask for a power to be granted to you and it will be. The Teller will take you to the beginning of time and tell you everything that happened for existence to be created, why it was created, and how it will cease to exist.  The Tellers are some of the most powerful entities I have ever experienced.  
Attached is not only a picture of this sterling silver pin with the face of a Teller on it, but some of the pictures that were taken from the Illuminati Gala in 1972.  Believe me, when I tell you, you do not want to pass up this piece.  It is literally the granter of everything you've ever wanted.  I just want to also let the reader know that this piece is not dark or evil, as the Tellers are not specifically dark entities.  They are dual and can grant all things dark and light, as they could in the mortal realm.  They simply chose to gain their powers from Satan, but they can grant or give any kind of power that is requested of them.  You can use this piece over and over again to request the Tellers to tell you things, show you things, and to grant you the powers that you most desire.  

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