The Indigo Children and the Cosmic Bridge
The Indigo Children and the Cosmic Bridge

The Indigo Children and the Cosmic Bridge

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We often offer pieces that have come from the likes of rich and powerful secret societies. This piece is a bit different than anything you will ever experience, but it has come from a secret society. They just aren't rich and wealth. It's not necessarily that they intend to be a secret society, either. There have been many experiences documented that concern the presence of their society. It's just that the human brain has largely been overtaken by the societies that are trying to control the world. While they are trying to control this world that exists within this universe, there has been a race of beings called the Indigo Children that have been attempting to liberate humankind from its mental bondage. So far, evil prevails. However, hopefully, with this piece, you will be able to be part of the movement that wants humanity to connect with the higher powers of the universe.

There have been rumors and reports of Indigo Children for some time. While some of them are indeed true, you have to be a little bit guarded when retaining information. The Indigo Children began showing up after the celestial gate of 2012 was open. We told you all that something huge was going to come and it has. It was the end of the world as we know it, but not the end of existence. The Indigo Children have shown up and they aren't necessarily even taking the form of children. They have entered and "taken over" the bodies of normal human beings. It has been done this way so that way humans would be more receptive of their message. Their message is that the human race has the capability to be connected to the rest of existence using magic called the Cosmic Bridge. They have the ability to open their mind and to be receptive to powers and abilities beyond their wildest imagination. All they have to do is break free from their understanding of reality and the virtual reality that we have been subjected to. Nothing is as it seems.

They I.C. have established "camps" where they can convene and create powerful pieces to people that are willing to receive them. We visited one of these camps when we were contacted via email by somebody claiming to be one of the I.C. We were skeptical at first but after using this piece we are hardcore believers and we want to spread the word about it. The reason we are charging for the piece is that we had to have it made and because we had to go on an investigation to get it. Also, because the I.C. pick and choose who they will initiate. The already have a list of over 1 Billion people who they will be contacted throughout the coming years, so unless you are on that list you will not be contacted. I mean, you will be eventually, but with this piece, you will get a jumpstart on your new self.

This is a man's ring in sterling with sleeping beauty stone. When you wear this piece your mind will awaken just like sleeping beauty awakens once her prince kisses her. You will be given a connection to the Cosmic Bridge that will bridge the gap between you and the knowledge of the rest of the universe. It's hard to explain exactly how this piece works in words, but it allows your mind to travel to the Cosmic Brain. This isn't astral travel and it isn't physical travel. It is literally minded travel. You will be able to see what is around you, but only your mind will be going there. You will be able to see the origins of the Indigo Children, where they come from, how they were created, and why they were sent. You will be able to see the entirety of existence, not just our one planet in the giant expanse of multiverses. You will experience the magic that has long belonged to the universe, to extraterrestrials, to astral forms, and to other types of beings. These forms of magic will boggle your mind.

You will see that this piece holds 9 stones. This is because when you are using this piece you will be able to seek out nine different magical capabilities. Each stone represents an ability that you will be able to retain. As I have said, you can either seek these capabilities out by traveling the astral bridge or you can simply travel at your own free will and keep powers that you come across that you think are amazing.

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