The Irish Eyes of Thoth are Smiling
The Irish Eyes of Thoth are Smiling

The Irish Eyes of Thoth are Smiling

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On the convention I will be sending out in advertising tomorrow hotels, places to stay and things to do while here that you shouldn't miss. Places like Eastern State Penitentiary. Very haunted!

The following piece holds Egyptian powers that were found in Ireland. It has long been speculated that the Irish people were visited by seafaring Egyptians in ancient times. I will spare you redundancy of the historical finds that suggest the presence of the Egyptians in Ireland are fact. I will tell you this much though-- the ape bones that have found buried in multiple holy Irish spots, along with phonetic analyses and DNA testing prove that the Irish were not only visited by the ancient Egyptians but were influenced greatly by their presence, beginning with the infusion of the Egyptian Gods into their own culture.

If you want to know more about the link between these two cultures, you can research it on the internet, or you can use this piece and take my word for it. This piece was developed by a secret society of Druids who realize the truth. They know that the Egyptians left a big footprint on Irish society and culture. They that the Skellig Michael is simply the capstone of a naturally occurring pyramid that exists off the coast of Ireland. This is the reason the Egyptians were drawn to Ireland in the first place.

Nevertheless, we have this piece which, as I have told you already, was created by a secret society of Druids that use the powers that were passed down by the ancients. This piece resurrects the princess Scotia, who is heralded royalty from Egypt. She arrived in Ireland was killed in battle not long after. She was one of the mortal wives of Thoth and holds his knowledge and power that were given to her when he gave her his seed during a sexual ritual. This is why she has been resurrected into this piece. Having her is just as good as having Thoth.

When you wear this piece, which holds a sacred scarab in the middle, you will be given the ability to see through the Eyes of Thoth. You will be given the knowledge of all pyramids, which are all immortal knowledge banks. These pyramids do not just exist in Egypt, but all over our world and even all over space. You will be given the knowledge of all of these pyramids which will take you back to the beginning of time, where you will exist in your primal form. You will be able to sift through the knowledge of these pyramids and infuse the powers that you find into your soul, bringing them back into the mortal realms with you.

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