The Ivory Tower - OMG He's Built Like a Brick Shit House
The Ivory Tower - OMG He's Built Like a Brick Shit House

The Ivory Tower - OMG He's Built Like a Brick Shit House

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Sounds like it is something creepy right? Well it's not. This is a bracelet that holds an Ivory rose at the end. This piece brings to you that very being you want to create or have. If a romance with one of the most seductive vampires comes to mind and his name is Alessandro and he is built like a brick shit house then maybe you want this.  He is there and he is waiting. I have never had a vampire yet that is a pure nympho but finally I do. You won't see another one unless a few more years go by because you can check every listing I have, this is the only one!
He is not stupid but he's not a genius either but I'm in no way saying he is stupid.  He has a personality of a normal person and he won't Hot Cosby you. He is normal except that he is a nympho. He is normal except that he doesn't act like a conceited asshole. He does not meet the movie star persona of a vampire at all. HOWEVER, he is hot!! He is gorgeous but he doesn't seem to know it. He likes all types of women with a lean towards ones that have more meat on them.  He is not really into flat chested skinny women. I'm sorry but he just isn't. He likes bigger butts and bigger ta ta's too. You have to understand that I see listings for vampires with other sellers and all these vampires want anyone, um no they do not! In fact some only want the skinny ones and some want skinny with bog boobs and so on.  If the vampire doesn't care I do say that. I  have to tell you that this one only likes them bigger. I just don't want a bad match. Hair color will not matter but he does not like grubby nails on a woman.  That is the one thing he did say to me. He also likes a woman that wears scent too. Other then that, he is all good.
He is creative and will pass that to you. You will notice that he can draw as you will soon be doing it too. He is a great artist.  His art work will be whatever you like as it will pass to you. 
Sex can be as you want it as he strives to make his woman happy. If kinky is it then so be it,if your shy he will liven you up over time.
If someone is bothering you, they best watch their ass, that will not be good at all. He takes no shit in anyway at all.
Good Luck


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