The Kabalist Rite of Martinez de Pasqually
The Kabalist Rite of Martinez de Pasqually

The Kabalist Rite of Martinez de Pasqually

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This piece holds the embodiment of a very ancient power that was developed by a man named Martinez De Pasqually, whose powers were almost as mysterious as his origins.  To begin with, nobody really knows what year or day Pasqually was born, with estimates given somewhere in and around 1715.  He is believed to have been born in Southern France, although it could have been Portugal, pending the fact that his parents were Portuguese Jews.  His Jewish upbringing, along with an early interest in mysticism, is what led to the development of his powers.  

What is known for certain is that in 1754, Pasqually instituted a Kabalistic Rite, which was gleaned ancient Hebraic studies-- the kind that you only know about if you know somebody who very powerful in mysticism, i.e., the existence of Lilith.  Ask ten people if they know who Lilith was and I guarantee that it will be less than three and that those are liberal odds.  Either way, this Rite that he developed was as a result of the very ancient magic and mysticism that he spent most of his life studying.  He used this magic to found a secret society, in which he entrusted his magic to the group of people that he called Cohens, this being Hebrew for priests.  
He toured France, propagating his powers in Masonic lodges including those in the cities of Marseilles, Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Paris.  He gathered around him many people who were addicted to mysticism, but he only chose a few to become part of his brotherhood of Cohens.  Eventually, his sojourn ended when he discovered that he was bequeathed property on the island Saint Dominique in the West Indies.  He invited the Cohens to take residence with him, some of the did, didn't.  It was here that he remained until his death at Port-Au-Prince, occurring in 1779. 
What Pasqually left behind him was an esoteric knowledge that rivals any others that you will find.  It is a source of ancient Kabbalistic magic that holds its roots in the ancient teachings of the Jews of the Cabal.  These powers were handed down to humans from God and secretly encoded into the Torah, which became part of the Bible in later years.  These powers include anything from wealth to full shape-shifting abilities, to the ability command angels, to the ability to receive white light visions from God, to the ability to command the Holy Fire of the Holy Spirit, to the ability to call God by his 72 names, to the ability to travel to the Garden of Eden, to the ability to cast full white light spells.  In fact, there isn't much that this power can't do.  What this piece offers is the ability for you to be inducted into the ranks of the Cohens, the white light priests who practice the magic of the Martinez de Pasqually.  This knowledge will be given to you when you wear your item.   
Inside this piece is a hidden scroll with a magical code. That is part of what makes this piece work so well. The scroll too is supernatural.

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