The Keeper of the Catalyst
The Keeper of the Catalyst

The Keeper of the Catalyst

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This is not a piece that is to be taken lightly.  It is a piece that will open up your eyes and your world to many different places and to many different types of organism and beings that will never be written about in the science books, simply because to people of a "sound" mind they do not exist.  When I say "sound" mind, I mean the people that have subjected themselves to a lower level of intelligence and spirituality simply because they don't believe what they can't see.  Going into any situation with a fully open mind often wields the best kind of results.  Magic is no exception.  I have had customers that have purchased items that have been tested and proven by several people, but it wouldn't work specifically for them because the didn't believe.  They were just "testing" magic.  You always have to believe.  
We were first put into contact with this man by Tomer.   Apparently, he and Tomer have been working on some extraordinary project.  We have yet to hear about the project due to the high levels of secrecy involved.  As soon as the project is complete, I'm sure we'll have goodies from that, too.  Either way, we were put into contact with this man, and I can't even really say man, he was more like a being.  I'm not sure how old he was or where he came from.  What I can tell you is that he was not your run-of-the-mill mortal.  I could tell by the way he talked and the conviction with which he spoke that he was from a time apart.  
It wasn't very long between the time that we first met the man and the time that he first took us to his underground confines.  It usually takes a  little bit longer for somebody of such caliber to gain trust, so I guess Tomer told him we were good for our word.  When he did finally take us we encountered things that we would not have seen without our own eyes.  I can honestly say I don't know what kind of being the guy was.  the best way I describe him was to say that he was time.  He existed in all of time and had a way of controlling it, unlike anything that I have ever experienced before.  His confines?  It was something that he created with stellar energy that he found somewhere in the universe that wasn't Earth.  He called it the Catalyst.  
Inside the Catalyst in where fantasy becomes reality.  You go into a room from the main door that is marked with the word "entrance", and it is important that you remember this is the main door because if you don't you could possibly be lost forever.  After you enter the room the guy, whose name I was never given, gives you a piece.  There is an instant connection as the power in the piece attaches itself to your mind.  You can literally feel the energy enter your brain.  Then he instructs you to stand in front of one of the doorways.   You are instructed to think of anywhere in existence-- artificial or real-- that you would like to experience.  This was a no-brainer for me.  
As I closed my eyes and envisioned what I wanted in my mind, he told me it was time to open the door.  I opened my eyes and then opened the door.  On the other side of the door, I found myself in the midst of an elegant Louisiana Ball.  The air was light and cheery, people were drinking and laughing, swirling round and round in colorful masquerade.  After a moment, there came a blood-curdling shriek from somewhere upstairs.  I looked up to see a woman throwing herself from a balcony.  Following after her was none other than Jacques St Germain.  He was really there.  In the flesh.  
I rushed upstairs to see if I could actually speak to him, but by the time I got up there I was gone.  I remained on the other side of the door until I could finally catch up with him.  If there is one thing Jacque aka the Count of St Germain understands is time travel.  He gave me a sanguine vampire piece that he had made himself.  I'm keeping it, though.  It gives me a connection to every single sanguine vampire that ever existed.  When I was finished with my visit, I returned to the door from where I came.  On the other side was the "man" and he was standing there with a large smile on his face, asking me how my journey was. 
Later on, I found out that Deedee went through the same thing, except she used her door to travel to the Pyramids to witness Napoleon and the secret that he found there when he went investigating.  She has a fascination with Napoleon that I never understood.  Either way, this is what the Catalyst does for people.  You wear the piece, you stand in front of the door, you imagine what you want to see and then it becomes reality on the other side.  Here's the kicker-- not one single minute elapsed between the time I walked through the door and walk back out o fit.  It was like time stood still.  That is why I refer to the man as not controlling time, but it's more like He, himself, is time.  It's the craziest thing.  
So, before we left, we were able to convince the man to let us have one of the pieces that he puts on your before you are whisked away into your imagination.  We were relentless and he finally agreed.  I'm not going to lie, this piece is amazing.  We have tested it time and time again.  When you wear it, you will meditate with it.  You will be able to do what we did, only it will be in astral form.  You will still be able to gain a full experience and it will be as if you are really there.  The door will appear to you during your meditation and you will walk through the door to experience your wildest thoughts.  Go ahead, dream up whatever you will.  This piece holds a protection piece so that way you will not ever be hurt inside of the Catalyst.  If something happens, you will simply be returned to your body.  This is another reason why we are only allowing this piece to use your astral form.  
When it's all said and done, this piece is nothing short of amazing.  If you want to push everything you've ever known to the edge-- and over-- then this is the piece for you.  I know I say this about other pieces sometimes, but with this piece is holds especially true:  the only thing limiting your experiences is your imagination and your ability to come up with a place you want to experience, or powers you want to gain, or entities you want communicate with.  This piece will do it all as long as you can think of it.  

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