The Krypteia Artifact
The Krypteia Artifact

The Krypteia Artifact

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It is no secret that the Spartans were some of the most ferociously trained militaries in the history of armies.  The small army was able to ward off armies that were much larger than theirs, and while the movie 300 isn't very historically accurate, it does not mean that the Spartans weren't some of the fiercest warriors around.
The fiercest of the Spartan warriors were the warriors known as the Krypteia.  Only the best of the best warriors belong to this fighting class and for very good reason.  The people who were elected to become part of this group were sent out naked and armed with only a knife, instructed to survive by any means necessary.  Their goal?  To patrol the countryside in search of revolt and misdeeds.  
There more casualties than their were victories in this case, but should a soldier make it home they were welcomed with open arms by the Spartan army, joining the ranks of the Krypteia.  The Krypteia was not just a militarized group of individuals.  Of course, it started out that way, but with any type of great power comes great magic.  The Krypteia was absolutely no different.  
Upon returning home, the Krypteia initiate was put through even more grueling "secret" tests, the likes of which were only known to the initiate.  The punishment for divulging these secrets was death.  This is because aside from learning the top military strategies, this group of young men were put through ancient magical rites of passage.  Not only were these young men now the most revered soldiers in Spartan society, but they were also young mages capable of very strong magic that was passed down from their ancient ancestors.  They underwent a transformation that could only be described as extremely powerful.  
This magic gave them a whole arsenal of supernatural abilities, including the ability to fully control all four elements.  They could become invisible at will.  They could levitate.  On one account, the leader of the Krypteia utter a course of a few words and the entire army they were up against left, unable to see, because they began to bleed from their eyes.  The were given that ability to shape shift into some of the most abominable looking creatures, to rip their adversaries apart limb for limb.  
They were given the ability to channel the strength and magic of their entire bloodline, making them 100x stronger than any mortal could have ever been.  They were made to be faster, more agile, and their senses were heightened so that they could hear things from miles away, they could see in the dark, and their sense of smell became extremely acute.  Their ability to control the minds of others is the greatest example of this ability to date, given that they put an entire army under their spell of mind control.  
The initiates were given a single magical artifact during their rite of passage, during which they were put into a chamber for seven days, given no food, water, or oxygen.  At the end of seven days, they were allowed out of the chamber.  If they survived it was viewed as though the gods and the ancestors had revived them, giving them magic, and their approval for the induction into the ranks of the Krypteia.  
At this point, their magical emblem was super charmed.  They had to carry it everywhere they went.  Losing their artifact was seen as a total loss of power and they would be killed.  It was a very ravaging and serious society of individuals, but then again, they led the Spartan army up against armies that even the best armies couldn't dream of defeating.. and won!  
This piece draw from the energy of a Krypteia artifact.  This piece holds the complete magical power of the Krypteia transformation, without having to go through magical rites that they were required to perform.  When you wear your piece, the magic will begin to course through your body.  You will feel this energy moving through your veins and as it does you will feel yourself becoming invigorated and enlightened. 
 You will begin to notice that you can do things and accomplish things that you never could before.  However, you must wear your piece at all times, because the minute you take it off you will begin to lose your power.  The longer you keep it on, the more your power will amplify.  If you take it off to shower, I would recommend putting it back on a soon as possible, because the longer you take it off, the more power you lose and the less powerful you become.  
This is sterling silver in a size 11. This may be 11/12

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