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The Land of Genesis is a dimension that was brought into the physical by a special process. The Land of Genesis is real and is the same Genesis talked about in the Bible. It is really a moment in time, days, years that have passed. That time was caught during an astral travel session along with using the learned magical hidden talents of God. Combining this type of magic with the astral has lead to these pieces that have been tested and retested for a long time.

I absolutely love this necklace! I like the way it lays and looks but I also like the spirit that is resting inside of it.

This spirit is a true ancient vampire that has walked for over a thousand years. He has always existed but was brought here using one of the creator pieces that I already listed.

This is Phury Kraven. His name even looks scary but he won't be to you. He looks to be in his late 20's to mid 30's but I'm not a good judge of age either. What I can tell you about him is a lot though!

He has snow white hair. Yeah, I know you think it doesn't sound good but he is a rather striking man! His eyes are silver and seem to shine like diamonds. His lips are a blood red and normally I don't look too deeply into anyone's looks but his are profoundly attractive. His body is very built but not so much that it is ugly. That is all great but it is his personality that astounds!

I want to tell you first about what happened with the previous owner and him. He met her and was designed to love her but the affair was like out of a movie. He was everything a person could want. The issue was not with him but rather in her makeup. She does not believe in staying with anyone forever and thinks you should move on every couple of years. Since she has a creation piece she can just make another one. Lindy did her chart and it is just how she was designed, not her fault and just what she believes in. I personally can't wrap my head around it because if you are happy, why change it? What I think doesn't matter though.

What matters is that he is available and he will sweep you up! He has been alone for a year now and is ready to move on.

I want to tell you a little more about him so you are aware of what he can do. He will protect, guide in magic and even give infusions of power to you. He is great for opening up the third eye too. His personality is serious when needed and easy going at other times. His temper is terrible! He will show it only when needed but when he does you are taken back by the intensity. You will be happy very happy with him!


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