The Life Tree and the Souls Within
The Life Tree and the Souls Within
The Life Tree and the Souls Within

The Life Tree and the Souls Within

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If I’m being completely honest with you, the magic in this piece has made me totally rethink reality and what we know as life.  It has shed knowledge on a part of existence that I knew about before, but I was never really sure about how it worked. In particular, I’m talking about the Tree of Life.  Now, you might be asking yourself, “What does he mean? It’s the Tree of Life and holds all knowledge, what could be so complicated to understand about that?” Well, there is a lot more involved with the Tree of Life than you might actually realize.  To begin with, I was taken back to the beginning of it all, to the birth of the tree. It is something that I will not soon forget.

It is written that In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.  In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.  It is this passage that is so important to understand. The Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word is knowledge and the light that shineth forth are the souls of man, but the souls of man were contained by a driving force in the universe called the Cosmic Lifeforce.  This Lifeforce is the driving energy behind all life. God used this lifeforce to plant a Tree in the Garden of Eden called the Tree of Life.

Recently, while working with a piece that was provided to me by Tomer, I was able to have the most eye-opening experience of my life, aside from the time I was pulled from my bed and given a transformation.  By Tomer’s account, this item has come from the Ark of the Covenant after he traveled there using a magic that he found in the Cave of Treasures. This is totally possible, we have items that have allowed us to do this in the past.  We actually visited each other on the astral plane right after I was on the astral plane and saw one of our customers there in the ancient Mayan land. That’s another story. We met there and he gave me this piece telling me that the experience of this piece will absolutely blow my mind.  He was correct.

For beginners, this piece allowed me to astrally leave my body, with only one destination for the journey.  This is the secret realm of Heaven. This is the realm where the Crystal Pyramid is kept, which houses all of God’s magic that is even too powerful to be held in the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy of Holy.  Through a spiritual ascension, I was taken to the capstone of this pyramid which was nothing but knowledge. I was given two angel guides to lead me on my journey. The appeared to me in opalescent form, changing colors depending on how the light of the realm radiated through them.  Their eyes dance like fire. They each took one of my hands as I was given the ascendance to be able to travel into the capstone of the Crystal Pyramid.

The Experience was breathtaking.  In the capstone is the history of the whole world, from the time that God created up to the very passing minute.  You can see time being created on the walls of the realm as it plays out in front of you, almost like a very surreal and high definition movie.  It is unlike anything that I have experienced before. The angels led to me to a throne of gold in which I was sat. An opalescent crystal the same color as my angel guides was placed to my forehead where my 3rd Eye would have existed in my bodily form.  

The crystal took me to the apex of existence and I was able to look down upon it and see all that was happening.  I was literally above everything, I could see into Heaven. I could see the Earth. I could see the many other realms and dimensions of existence and the many types of entities that live there.  I looked down upon the stars and the planets and all the moons and my soul felt peace in this beautiful creation. It was at that point that I knew that the universe is God’s mind and we are all thoughts within it.  I was filled with resounding joy and by soul experienced pure ecstasy. I could’ve stayed in that moment forever, but this was not the end of my experience.

I was wisped away to a garden in which sat a sole sapling tree.  It was unlike any other tree that I have seen. Beneath its roots were many faceless souls.  I could see them swimming around like tadpoles in a stream. They were excited because they knew that their energy was about to give life to something grand, something even bigger than themselves.  The tree spoke in a language unfamiliar to my mind and as it did the Earth shook and the tree grew. A branch shot forward from the tree and one of the souls were released into the garden. I watched as this happened again and again until the tree became old and aged.  The tree is cyclic like this. It not only births new spirits created by the Cosmic Life Force, but it also receives the old ones. Each time a new soul is given human life, the Tree acquires a new branch. Each time a person dies and returns to the tree, it receives a root.  Its roots are its knowledge and it records the knowledge of all humankind. It is also fed knowledge from by the Cosmic Life Force, in the form of souls. When these souls take human form and then die, this knowledge is then given to the tree and it grows.

We are all branches of the Tree of Knowledge.  The Tree of Knowledge is God. It is the Word that was with God in the beginning.  Our souls and the souls from the Cosmic Life Force feed the Tree and it continues to grow and will continue to Grow until the Second Coming of Christ when it will be the centerfold of the New Jerusalem.  Until then, we are all branches on the Tree of Life. We are all thoughts in Gods Mind. This is why He is the supreme. As we grow, so does He. His knowledge never stops. We are given knowledge through Him.  We are part of Him, but He lives in us. By eating the Fruit of the Tree of Life, Adam and Eve disrupted this process. They knew true knowledge it could’ve been the end of mankind. However, God put blinders on them and sent them off into the world, stripping them of the knowledge that they had received.  

So, when people ask why God sent his creation out into a cold world.  He had no other choice. It was for our own survival. Hell is a place of darkness and misinformation for those souls that have chose not be part of this process.  True knowledge only exists through God and if you aren’t part of it, you exist apart from it. That’s just the way things work. This is why we are all born with a God Seed, as we have told you many times.  This is why we all are born with innate powers. It just all makes sense when you are given the knowledge to understand it. Of course, the tree is a metaphor for how things really exist and it is the best way for us all to understand things.  Just know that when we die, we are taken to the Garden (Heaven) to become part of the Tree (God).

There are a select few of us who are given the ability to see this knowledge as it really stands.  It is best for the rest of us not to know. Too much information will lead to mishaps like the Adam and Eve scenario and will only drive us further from God.  When the time comes that is the right time for the human mind to ascend, God will return to Earth and there will be an Age of Enlightenment. Until then, as I have said, there only the chosen who are given this form of extreme white light knowledge.  Tomer was one of them. I was one of them. With this piece, you will also become one of them.

The powers in this piece are nothing short of amazing.  It gives you the knowledge of the “Tree of Life”. Everything you thought you knew will become unimportant and suddenly you will find that your god seed and DNA will totally awaken.  You will exist outside of existence and will be given the knowledge of all things. This includes the knowledge powers and magic. This includes the ability to be able to decipher the sacred numerology and geometry the universe was built with.  This includes the ability to be able to travel throughout time and existence at your own will. This includes the ability to see all of existence, even the stuff that isn’t written in the Bible. You will exist as a deity on Earth, capable of all things and everything.  And yes, this piece even invokes immortality. The Tree of Life is immortal and with this piece so shall you become immortal. You will be given the ability to control the Cosmic Life Force and to be able to utilize it to design and acquire your powers and abilities. Keep in mind, this only works with white light intentions.  Just as any branch would be strangled to death without being properly nourished, you will also be cut off if you try to use this power to do evil magic. The Tree will not allow it

This piece gives you the mind of God and allows you to know all things that he knows in its purest form, which essentially gives you the knowledge of all types of entities and beings in the entire universe.  You can use this knowledge to summon them or create them or to create your own types of entities. Again, there is nothing that will be outside of the realm of possibility with this magic and I mean that in the most straightforward, very serious type of way.  


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