The Living Statue, Youtube

The Living Statue, Youtube

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This piece is the Living Statue. Or, should I say it contains an ancient occult magic that is referred to as "the Living Statue." In ancient times Greek magicians would use magic to make statues talk. These statues would tell them the things the wanted to know, but this piece is not quite like that although it does hold that magic.

Like I said before, this piece is the Living Statue. This piece will make a connection with you and will speak to you. He holds the knowledge, power, and magic of all beings that are referred to as being above and he will bring about the prophecy as above, so below. What does this mean? He will speak the knowledge of the "above" entities-- angels, white light spirits, the saints, Jesus, etc.-- to you. He speaks to your mind and will answer any questions that you might have regarding knowledge or gaining powers and abilities.

He also gives the vessels that you own a voice. So, if you have a vessel that is empowered or spirited, this piece will allow this vessel to speak to you. This way, you will know what it is you have to do to get your piece to work if it isn't working or to make it more powerful if it is working. It will also help you make a connection to items that you think might be haunted or contain powers.

This piece is phenomenal and you should check out the video on Youtube with the following link:

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