The Lost Prophet, Judas Skull
The Lost Prophet, Judas Skull
The Lost Prophet, Judas Skull
The Lost Prophet, Judas Skull
The Lost Prophet, Judas Skull

The Lost Prophet, Judas Skull

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This is a very rare relic and I will tell you now that it is definitely one of a kind.  Naturally, it can only be one of a kind, because a person only ever has one natural born body.  Yes, it is possible for the spirit or soul of one person to possess the body of another.  It is the original body of the deceased that is the most powerful, though.  This is why I can say beyond the shadow of a single doubt that this piece is most definitely one of a kind.  You will never find another.  I have simply named this item the Judas Skull, because that what it is.  There is no need for fancy terminology when it comes to power in raw form.  I've gotten to the point and I maintain this point.  The reason being is that this power is nothing to play around with.  Either you are all about it, or you are not about it at all, frankly.  There are no in betweens

In ancient times, it came to pass that Judas Iscariot would betray Jesus Christ for the price of thirty silver pieces.  If you ask me, those thirty silver piece were most likely not worth the Hell that Judas had to put himself through. I cannot say whether or not the soul of Judas Iscariot has ever been saved, because I am not God.  Only God knows the answer to this.  I can tell you that his presence still exists here on Earth and he is a type of vampire who exists only in soul form.  From time to time he will possess a mortal body, but for the most part he exists merely as a form that people cannot see.  This is because he has gained sort of an occult following who worship him in a black mass of sorts, but this really is not what Judas is all about.  Rather, he mourns the decision that he has made on a daily basis, which is why he has become a traveling soul. 

The fact that Judas has mourned for his mistakes is also why I tell you, I am not entirely certain that his soul has been saved.  It says in the Bible that those who ask for forgiveness shall be forgiven.  Then again, maybe he committed the one crime that is not forgivable, for it also says in the Bible that God will deny those who have denied his son.  Given the circumstance, I would tend to believe that he was absolved of his crimes, because it had to happen in order to fulfill prophecy.  It kind of makes me wonder if God did not know that Judas Iscariot was going to turn on Jesus the whole way through.  Maybe he had Judas turn on Jesus to serve his purposes.  God does work in mysterious ways.  Being an unexplainable immortal, I can tell you this for certain. 

After his betrayal, Judas immediately remitted himself to the people who had paid him for his actions.  He exclaimed to them that he knew not what he was thinking and that he no longer wished to keep the money.  Not knowing what to do with the money, as law prohibits blood money from going into the treasury, the High Priests conspired and bought a field for foreigners to be buried in.  This field had originally been known as Potter's Field.  Ironically, this is also where Judas Iscariot's mortal body would see its last days.  In grief, Judas hung himself from a tree in Potter's Field.  Nobody relieved his body after he was hung and after a time, his body swelled.  The weight broke the tree and he fell down.  Upon falling his body was split open and his blood stained the field.  This is why the placed where Judas died is known as Hakeldama, or Blood Field.  It actually has somewhat of a double entendre in the sense that it was the price of Jesus' blood that bought Potter's field.  Either way the name fits. 

After Judas hung himself he was risen from the dead.  He did not rise triumphantly as Jesus would rise after His crucifixion.  Rather, Judas arose as a mourning souls.  Perhaps it was his form of Limbo, to atone for the his transgressions against the Lord.  For this he should be thankful, because last time an entity rebelled against the Lord, Saint Michael threw him into a Lake of Fire.  Thus, in his grief he became a sort of immortal soul walker.  His soul still walks the Earth, but this was not the case for the first few years that he had passed.  Originally, he would inhabit the bodies of the living and while he is in this form, he craze the blood of mortals.  He must feast upon the blood of mortals in order to stay alive.  This is why most of the time he merely stays in his soul form.  He does not necessarily like ruining God's creations, by drinking their blood, because every time he does a new vampire is born.  In his soul form, he feeds off of the energies that are found naturally in the environment.  They are neither light nor dark energies, it is just the energy that exists that can be turned into either dark or light magic.  It is power in its rawest form.  This is another reason why he stays in souls form, because the power he gets from these energies are much stronger than anything he'd ever achieve in drinking the blood of humans. 

I can remember my first interactions with the skull as if it were just the other day, when in actuality my interactions with the skull came shortly after I was transformed into an immortal.  Immediately following my transformation, I gained a spike of "newborn" power, if that is what you want to call it.  I will not say that I was at my strongest point at this time, but it was period in my life where I experienced a very sudden and violent surge of power.  I struggled with how to deal with this surge of power, as I was very new on the scene of magic at this point.  You have to remember, I had recently escaped the clutches of the people who were keeping me captive in Versailles.  They were hot on my trail when I slipped away to the Black Forest to hide from them.  After the Black Forest, during which I met one of the loves of my life, I traveled to Jerusalem.  It was my inclination to believe that if I could figure out what was happening to me, it would be in the Holy City.  This is where Jesus had come to suffer his demise and the fact that I was also suffering at the time, not understanding what was going on with my body, I thought maybe this would be the perfect place for me to rediscover myself and what I had become. 

I ascended up a mountain known as Mount Sinai.  It is the holy mountain where Moses ascended to receive the Ten Commandments.  Many other prophets have ascended this mountain.  The savior, himself, as ascended this mountain in order to fast and pray for forty days and nights.  While I was on the mountain reflecting upon all that had occurred over the past few years, and even more important, the past few months, I heard a voice.  I do not know if this voice was the direct voice of God or perhaps it was the voice of the Holy Spirit.  Either way, I was moved by the voice, which told me to go into the Field of Blood, Hakeldama.  I was a bit in a trance at this point, so I had to gather what was going on in my head.  This was the first time that I had ever heard an angel, or God, or whomever it was, speak from the Heavens. I stayed on the mount for several more days and this is when I determined that body's natural need for food had diminished.  Then again, one could suppose that it was because I was drunk with the Holy Spirit.  I still eat from time to time to satisfy my natural human cravings for food, but I will tell you that if I chose not to eat for eternity, I do not think that if would affect me in any way shape or form. 

Shortly after my stay on the Mount, I went back into Jerusalem, to locate the Hakeldama.  I had never been there before and up until this point, I had never been outside of France, save for one occasion that I was traveling for a business meeting.  Even then it was in neighboring Italy.  The modern day Hakeldama is nothing like it used to be.  It is more industrialized to gather the rich clay that exists there.  There is still a sanctuary in one part of the field, in which there is a pillar.  This pillar stands to mark the spot of Judas Iscariot's death.  The pillar is make of two very different types of stone.  Half of the pillar is made with rough blocks.  The other half is made with polished stone.  This is to signify the duality of Judas' soul and his transference.  He is a very holy man, but on the other hand, he is the one that betrayed Jesus to his death.  Again, this had to happen to fulfill prophecy, so I am not entirely sure how much God holds the man accountable.  Like I said, he is known to show up in the circles of the immortal from time to time, either in his soul form, or in the form of a mortal that he has possessed.  He speaks with great knowledge, the knowledge that he gained form being one of Christ's original twelve. 

As I made way through the field, I felt a magnetic pull towards the pillar.  The closer I came to the pillar the stronger the bond became.  When, at last, I was standing in front of the pillar, I sort of automatically threw myself face down in the dirt.  It was a divine force that controlled my body, I had no will to resist it.  When I was thrown into the direct, my arms were wrapped around the pillar, or as far as I could get them anyhow.  It was then that I was given a vision of the end times of Christ.  I seen Judas and seen the disciples.  I seen Christ as he put the ear back on the Roman soldier that came to besiege Him.  I watched the Crucifixion and ascension of Christ.  Finally, I watched the death of Judas, as he hung from a tree.  I watched his soul rise, to take it's place in purgatory, if you will.  As I seen this, I felt an overwhelming feeling of remorse and regret.  How could Judas have left something so good, to do something so wicked?  I was grief stricken and my body became shaky.  I raised my head and screamed out to the Heavens in a language that did not even comprehend.  In a flash, I was given a vision of the final resting spot of Judas' remains.  Then, I fell over on my side and passed out. 

When I awoke, my body was covered in dust and at first I could not remember what had happened.  Minute by minute my recollection of what I had gone through began to come back to me.  I was once again filled will grief and I wept.  I knew that the message that was given to me was surely to be used.  I am not sure how I really knew, but intrinsically I knew that the final resting spot of Judas' remains were located somewhere in Egypt.  Why, I had no idea.  My only guess is that grave robbers took his physical remains, and I am not even sure that it is appropriate to label them as such, given the fact that Judas never did receive a proper burial.  The Romans hated him for siding with Jesus.  Christians hated him for betraying their Jesus.  I guess they were more or less opportunistic bandits that collected his remains, to use them for their magic.  Judas' skull was taken to Egypt and I knew this.  I knew this from the vision I had received at the pillar.  Thus, I embarked upon a journey to Egypt.  I have never been one to travel in groups, because my business is better left private, so I made my way to Egypt alone.  As for those people who were following me, the never caught me.  They most likely never will; and if they do I am not all that concerned, as my magic has since outgrown theirs.  I am now more powerful even than during my "newborn" phase.  Theirs are no match for mine and they would do well to remember that. 

When I got into Egypt, I linked up with an Egyptian Archaeologist-turned Egyptian Necromancer.  His name was Satweh.  I am not sure exactly what that means, but I know that he is an immortal like myself.  He served for forty years as a Temple Priest in the Temple of Isis (not affiliated with the horrible terror Group), who was the supreme Goddess of Egyptian times and in many ways still is.  I described the location to Satweh, and he agreed to lead me to the location, with Isis as his guide.  We were both surprised to discover a hidden temple of Solomon that was built beneath the Great Sphinx.  What significance it bears, I am not quite sure.  What I do know that is within the confines of this hidden temple that we discovered together was a chest.  Inside the Chest was the Skull of Judas.  This finally brings what I am trying to tell you full circle.  It is this skull that I mentioned to you in the beginning of my story.  This skull is the one that is the all powerful entity that brings a full package of powers with it.  Whomever owns the skull, themselves, will become very powerful, even as Judas' soul is to this very day, until he is either called home from his punishment or suffers the second death.  I suppose only time will tell. 

I have experienced many different powers with this skull.  It was this skull that helped me cope with who I had become as a person.  It has allowed me to see into the Heavens, to experience Heaven first hand.  It has given me full awakening and taught me to embrace my powers that were given to me as they are, not to try to fight them for the sake of not understanding.  It has allowed me to travel to new realms and new worlds.  They are the realms and worlds of the lost books of the Bible, where God gives full account of the rest of His creation, not just the one that is spoken of in the Bible.  There is a whole existence out there with parallel universes and different plains of existence, it's just that these secrets have been hidden, at large, by the church as to prevent the enlightening of the public en masse.  The wisdom of Judas Iscariot is comes from the fact that he was once part of the original twelve.  These original twelve took holy communion with Christ, and thereby became part of the body of Christ and Christ in them.  Therefore, they all hold the knowledge of Christ and Christ is God.  With this skull you will be able to know all things, to be able to see all things, and to be able to know any form of power, energy, ability, magic, sorcery, alchemy, etc.  There is nothing unbeknown to God, as he has created it all.  This will give you a divine transformation that leaves you with more knowledge and the ability to do more magic than you ever would have imagined. 

On the other hand, there is a dark side to this piece and that is the grief that Judas Iscariot bears til this very day.  I have not wasted my time searching for Judas Iscariot, because if he does not want to be found, he will not be found.  I told you just now, that as part of Christ and ultimately God, his soul knows all things.  Rather, the darker side that I am talking about is the form that Judas was transformed into, which is an immortal vampire of sorts, who does not need to feed on human blood, as long as he is in soul form.  When you see through the eyes of this skull, you will be seeing into Judas' life.  You will experience what he has experienced and see what he has seen.  You will see the life of Christ through his perspective.  Judas had a very active mind, you naturally, you will see things in a very descriptive manner, down to being able to feel the radiance of magic coming from Christ at the mere act of touching his robe.  You will be able to smell the blood of Christ as is ran down the Holy Christ.

 This also means that you will feel and experience the pain that Judas felt after he betrayed Jesus.  You will experience the rising of his soul, and in doing so, you will gain all of his vampire powers.  This will give you all of the powers that were given to Him as he rose from the dead to become an immortal soul.  There are a ton of them that he received as he was risen.  It will give you the ability to travel realms, to receive full vampire awakening, the ability to become an immortal, the ability to gain wealth as he had in his mortal life, and the ability to know the dual magic of the darker side.  Judas has never been to Hell, so this piece will not allow you to travel there, but it will allow you gain experience with demons and other undesirable entities.  You will learn to vanquish them and you will learn how to become a protection entity for yourself and those around you.  Judas comes into contact with these frequently, as his soul is very vulnerable.  It is his Hell on Earth that he has to pay, according to the Bible that says the wages of sin is death.  Again, whether he will die the second death and be cast into the Lake of Fire is unknown.  Until then, there is no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of this very powerful relic.

I just wanted to add, that I had lost this piece for a while.  Deedee recently found it for me again, while she was at an underground auction.   These are the kind that you can only attend upon an invite.  Deedee found this piece for me, much to my joy, as I am sure you can understand.  It is not often in life that you get second chances.  This Judas Skull was a rare exception, which makes the very presence of this skull that much rarer.  


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