The Luciferous Grail
The Luciferous Grail
The Luciferous Grail
The Luciferous Grail
The Luciferous Grail

The Luciferous Grail

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One thing that we need to understand is that things are not always black and white. This especially holds when it comes to magic. Certain types of magic are both dark and light in nature, and that is okay as long as the magic ends up in the hands of a person or persons who are going to use the magic beneficially. The problem here lies not in the magic, but in the intentions of the person who has the magic.  


Let me give you a very common example. God gave Lucifer his light. He gave him the knowledge that he has. God is responsible for the fact that Lucifer bears the Holy Flame. However, the fall of Lucifer and his transformation into his alter-ego Satan has caused the entity that we know as “the Devil” to become a behemoth of dark magic that sets evil into the world. So, while the powers that Lucifer received while he was a gorgeous angel could be used for the most good, it is instead used to persecute the world and bring them to darkness, because the intentions of Lucifer soured, as soon as he became Satan.  


While we are on the subject, et me just dive right into this pice. This is a Masonic piece that was recovered by a group of esoteric Masons who wish to remain anonymous. As a condition of their surrender of this piece to us, they made us sign a word-as-bond contract with our blood. Simply put, if we give out any of their information, the piece will automatically self-destruct and our souls will be indebted to them forever. As such, we have opted to refer to them only as of the Shadow Masons, not because they are dark or evil, but because they move in secrecy and prefer to remain anonymous. This piece is a solid sterling, men’s mason ring, but it can be used by either gender.


Okay, so let’s get back to what we were talking about prior. We were talking about Satan and how at one point he was Lucifer. The thing that has always puzzled me was the fact that I thought that God only gave free will to humans, so how was Lucifer able to rebel? The thing is that God created Lucifer to be second-in-command of all things in existence. This tells me that God had either originally planned on moving on to creating new things (and why not? He’s all-powerful) or that he knew that there was a driving force in the universe that was capable of wiping out even the strongest and all=powerful of entities, including himself. This is not fact, only my opinion, and analysis.  


Either way, God gifted Lucifer the gift of free will the same way that humans have it. It is often questioned, “if God is so benevolent, how come he lets people stray?” The fact is that he is benevolent enough to allow us to stray, so we realize why we should love and follow him and to make our own minds up about it. Alas, I’m not here to argue but tell facts. He gave Lucifer the gift of free will. Now, this is where things began to change the course of history. That is because it doesn’t matter how much light is inside of a person, they are always going to have that alter-ego part of them that clings to the darkness. I’m sorry if that goes against what you were taught as a child, but it’s true. It’s part of our subconscious.  


The thing is that there is a constant battle between good and evil in our existence-- a constant battle between the forces of darkness and the force of light. It usually stays at a level that is consistent enough for our universe to remain at a spiritual homeostatic level, but every once in a while there are glitches in reality. This is what happened when the seed of jealousy was sewn inside of Lucifer's mind. He didn’t just wake up one day, like, “This is BS and I won’t stand for it.” The fact is that when God revealed his plan to create-- to create the universe we live in and to create humans with the same free will that both God and Lucifer enjoyed, Lucifer began to doubt God.  


Doubt turned into jealousy, as Lucifer grappled with the reason why God would so willy-nilly create entities that he would give the same gifts as the gifts that were given to him by God. He began to resent humanity before it was ever created. Just the idea of it all made him sick because the seed of darkness that was sown inside of his mind grew and grew and grew until it was no longer a seed, but a hole-- like a giant black hole that sucked out the personality of Lucifer and triggered his alter-ego that became known as Satan. Just like Adam and Even when Satan fed them the knowledge fruit, Lucifer began to hide himself from God. He began to feed his dark seed of jealously and hatred for humanity to lesser angels. He did this by giving the power of universal knowledge and free will. This is how Lucifer grew his army of angels because remember before this, God created angels without free will. They are his servants and his warrior.  


So, then how did Lucifer offer these gifts to his angelic warriors that he was able to turn against God. Easy. He allowed them to drink from something called the Luciferous Grail. You’ve heard of the Holy Grail before, but you have probably not heard of the Luciferous Grail. Not many people have; in fact, we hadn’t even heard of it before this piece. It was a project that the Shadow Masons were working on for a while evidently. We just happened to be in the right place at the right time to receive this piece from them.  


Look, you all know the story. I don’t have to reiterate it. Michael defeats Satan, Satan is cast into Hell with his angels, so on and so forth. However, to round things out, it’s important to know that-- as I told you above-- not all magic is inherently good or evil. Sometimes it depends on how it is being used. The Satanic alter-ego ate away at the angelic mind of Lucifer enough that it turned him. I’m not trying to make you feel bad for him and he has done what he has done out of free will and we know that because we know God gave it to him. So, he deserves whatever he gets-- his kingdom of fire and fury and the absence of God and peace. However, it’s important that I share the story because this piece embraces the power of what is called the Luciferous Grail.  


This piece is sterling silver and it has been crafted with silver from Lucifer’s own crown. The workmanship on this ring is certainly not that old, but the silver that has been used is. In fact, there is just a small amount-- a chip or two-- of Luciferian silver that has gone into making the ring. The rest is silver from somewhere else, but it only takes a chip or two to grant the power that this piece offers you. This is the ability to “drink” from Luciferian Grail.    


During the Last Supper, Jesus pours wine into the Holy Grail and tells his Apostles to drink. They win because Jesus owns blood inside of the Apostles’ bodies. He then gives them bread and tells them to eat, because the bread has become Christ’s own body. Apply these principles to knowledge and that is basically the same thing the Luciferous Grail offers those who drink of it, except you are not receiving the Body of Christ but the knowledge, mind, and presence of God. Thus, this piece is called Luciferous-- bringing light or insight; enlightening. It is where Lucifer gets his name from. It means “morning star,” or as an adjective, “light-bringing.”


This piece was hunted down by the Shadow Masons and that’s literally all I can tell you. I can also tell you that they have used the piece to bring the Light of God-- they call it Deus Lux-- to the minds of those who make up the Shadow Masons. They have traded this piece to us for another and now we are offering this piece to somebody who is truly deserving of it. Thus, whoever purchases this piece will be vetted. We will make sure that they are using the piece for white light purposes. In the wrong hands, this piece could be devastating, but we will not let that happen.  


In the hands of the right person, this piece will give you many, many powers. These powers are of the utmost potency because they come from God’s own consciousness. When you wear this ring it will be as though you have drunk straight from the Luciferous Grail. You will receive the divine presence of God, his most holy and secret knowledge, the Deus Lux. You will be given anything that you want-- immortality, transfiguration, any white light magic you can think of, the ability to command the universe, the ability to control time, the ability to call upon angels, the ability to create miracles, the ability to grant the divine presence. Look, I want you to know that when you are using this piece, it is as if you are becoming Lucifer in his white light form, and in terms of white light power, it doesn’t get much better than this.    


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