The Lucky God Ganesha and Shiva the All-Powerful

The Lucky God Ganesha and Shiva the All-Powerful

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This is one of the more powerful lucky elephant items that we will be offering. It doesn't bring you a direct luck, rather we chose to include this piece in our lucky elephant collection simply because whoever owns this piece is very lucky indeed. That is because the luck that you get when you wear this piece is a kind of luck that will only be experienced by few in a lifetime. The piece was found during an investigation in an ancient, abandoned temple in Nepal. It was once a secluded hiding spot for a band of hermit monks who lived together and practiced their magic together. Among their magic was a devotion to the Great Son, who is also known as the Lucky Elephant God, Ganesha. Ganesha is the restored sone of Shiva and Parvati. Shiva is the supreme being and deity that has created all things. His son Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles. Taking both of these things into consideration, it makes perfect sense that the powers in this piece are going to remove all obstacles in your way in order to get to the god Shiva.

When I say remove all obstacles, what I mean is the physical flesh that your soul currently resides in. When you are using this piece, you will be peeled of your flesh like a banana. Your soul will travel to the spiritual realms where you will be able to meet one on one with the divine Shiva. During this meeting, Shiva will give you what he refers to as a spark of life. This will allow you to return to the mortal realm but in your deified form. You will look the same, you will sound the same, you will even act the same. The difference will come in your ability to create powers. Once you have been given the spark of life by Shiva, you will become almost identical in his ability to create. When it comes to you, this ability to really be honed to the skill of creating powers and magic. In order to create your new powers, you will need to have your piece on your person. This is your direct connection to Shiva. You will state out loud which powers you want to be created and they will be created and set into the piece. This way, you will always be able to access them.

There will be those who ask, well if you are a deity, why do you need a piece? Read carefully. I said you will return in your deified form. This means that you have a special gift that sets you apart from the rest of humanity and that is the ability that Shiva has given you to create. You will live in a heightened state of spirituality where you will be able to access a collection of very powerful psychic abilities, Along with these powers comes the ability to create your powers, which you will do by using the connection you have developed to Shiva. Aside from this, you still gain the connection to Ganesha, who will grant you luck in the form removing obstacles from your life, both physical and spiritual. He also grants knowledge and intelligence, which will come in handy when you are learning and bonding to your new piece, energies, and powers.

Again, this piece is super powerful and anybody who has it should consider themselves extremely lucky.   Aside from all of the many gifts this piece grants for you, it is made with 14k gold and real, genuine ruby.  

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