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A prophet whose knowledge came to him in his sleep, Edgar Cayce, once presented the world with a prophecy. It was one that was revealed publicly, the other of which was written and was infinitely more elaborate. We have been asked many times if the abilities Cayce claimed to have were real and the truth is yes. They really were very real. He was an actual natural and independent prophet. We knows this because we have met him in both physical and spiritual forms.

Among his many visions, Cayce revealed a vision revolving around the Sphinx of Egypt, which he said publicly would one day reveal a great deal of knowledge to the world. He revealed that there were many secrets that would be uncovered, including an entire hidden archive of history of a lost civilization, the secrets of the worlds - yes, I said worlds and not world - as well the hidden magic of the god-kings. He mentioned a hidden passage way leading up from one of the paws of the Sphinx into its right shoulder. He sighted there a hidden chamber within which there are thousands of lost records, artifacts and other forms of history. He never publicly went much further into detail but the truth was, Cayce had multiple visions revolving around the Sphinx throughout the rest of his life after that.

He documented each vision in detail every time he had them. In one document, he described other chambers hidden throughout the Sphinx outside of the one that rests in its shoulder, all of which had the same purpose as the very first one he revealed to the public. He described the inside of the Sphinx as an elaborate puzzle that moves constantly, which is why it cannot be gauged from the outside. There are various poorly-drawn diagrams Cayce created which are mean to represent the placements of these tombs throughout the Sphinx. Cayce insists there are at least 12 total throughout and below the Sphinx.

In another vision, he saw the face an ancient Egyptian archeologist who was also a master puzzle maker. He saw that he had helped specifically construct the tombs in an elaborate puzzle-like fashion so they could not be roamed by just anyone. In fact, this knowledge was only ever trusted with the reigning pharaoh. It was why Thutmose IV went out of his way to rescue the Sphinx from being claimed by the desert - it was too valuable.

Another vision, one that took place shortly after the one featuring Thutmose IV, depicted the exact location of the first door - at least that is what we believe it to be in context - but the entire section of information has been blocked out. We have tried to have the page examined, both by third part specialists as well as our personal ones and it seemed as though the information is unrecoverable. However, we found a different set of information, also provided by Edgar Cayce, who described a very long passageway leading from the pyramid of Giza directly into the Sphinx. It's single-handedly the easier path into the Sphinx but leads to the most elaborate of the puzzles designed.

One of the most interesting visions we read about was one where Cayce described a sacred piece in the heart of one of these rooms. It was one that was encrypted with a power and ancient code of creation. He has written 'Atum' several times.

We have seen it. We did no attempt to unravel the puzzle ourselves. We conjured Cayce in hopes that, in spirit form, he could reveal to us any information that could be helpful - the information that had been destroyed in particular. We summoned him because we knew, as per oath in life and death, an Egyptian pharaoh would never revealed information like that to us. 

When we conjured the spirit of Edgar Cayce to the entryway of the Sphinx, he did not seem to notice us at all. In fact, he only focused on the pathway. He spoke to himself: the door in front of me was a faux door, which, if I attempted to open it, the floor would give out beneath my feet. The door that I see is not the door for me. The door I seek is one of three... one of which I already know is a lie. The one to my left is death, so naturally the one to my right...

And then, despite what he was saying, he turned to the left side of the tunnel and passed through it as through it were not a solid brick wall. There was nothing resting on it except for a mantle for a torch. So, we placed one there. The mantle slipped out of place - we thought we broke the damn thing at first, imagine the amount of bricks we crapped in that split second - but the large slabs of rock slid out of place instead. Cayce was there, looking over what appeared to be an enormous archive. It was just one of the twelve rooms.

At the center of the room was what appeared to be a slightly smaller version of a sarcophagus but it was mostly clear and lined with gold and the lid was completely removed. Above it rested the face of the god Atum. Inside of it was this piece, perfectly preserved and unblemished.

This piece is encrypted with the sacred lost code of Atum, which is one of the oldest and most intricate codes of creation to have ever been placed in the hands of mankind. It is one of the reasons why the pharaohs were ever truly viewed as god-kings in the first place. It allows the holder complete control over the concept of creation, including that of spirits, entities, power and even the reconstruction of something that already exists. It is an enormous power only usually entrusted with the pharaohs of Egypt, which is why it is something any pharaoh of Egypt would likely never reveal to an outsider. That being said, it is extremely rare and one-of-a-kind. The lost code of Atum is not one that can simply be dug up and applied to any piece. This item is sacred and unique - it cannot be recreated or duplicated.


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